The new agency model that works

The new agency model that works

Media Planning & Buying

Want to keep your clients ridiculously happy and take your business to the next level? Follow this genuine approach for success.

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7 campaign management tips for a competitive edge

Media Planning & Buying
Kiran Gopinath

With the shrinking attention spans of consumers, marketers have to work harder to stand out. These tips can help you shine.

3 brands that wisely rejected the Super Bowl

Mallory Russell

A brand doesn't need the Super Bowl to drive big viewership -- all it needs is compelling creative. Here are the ones that got the memo.

The biggest programmatic challenge

Industry Insider
Lauren Moores

From dispelling myths to explaining the process, programmatic has its share of hurdles. For marketers actually delivering the impressions, here's the most difficult part.

The importance of having your digital ducks in a row

Media Planning & Buying
Rebecca Lieb

In today's digital-dependent world, a presidential candidate's social presence (or lack thereof) can make or break their chances of getting to the White House. See how one candidate's recent debut flopped.

The easiest way to botch an online influencer relationship

Industry Insider
Jordan Hoffner

Advertisers are working with content creators to reach new audiences in authentic ways. Read on for a simple trap you need to avoid.

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Sixth annual Bowling for event raises $2.5 million (and counting)

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Over 7,000 of the top marketers, executives, and developers involved with digital marketing are back at work today after returning...

Legacy of Likes: Prepare for [Social Media] Life After Death

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More Leads On Your Radar?

Do you have a consistent funnel of ideal leads on your radar and a lead generation strategy to nurture them towards a sale?Inbound...