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4 ways to leverage customer reviews online

Media Planning & Buying
Blake Del Hoyo

Online reviews are crucial to a brand's success. But are you using them to their fullest potential? Here's how to wisely gather and use reviews.

Why you should abandon ad personas

Adam Kapel

Brands and agencies often define audiences using customer personas, but they're too static to capture reality. Here's more on the dynamic future of targeting.

Viral Video Watch: A Taser photo shoot, the "new iPhone 6," and DIY wedding planning

iMedia Editors

Being photographed while Tased, the amazing "new iPhone," and the honest version of planning a wedding. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

3 big mistakes retailers are making on Amazon

Industry Insider
Jay Allen

When it comes to driving e-commerce, there are few juggernauts as powerful as Amazon. Here's how you may be screwing it up.

The Digital Dispatch: Live Nation, Kwittken, and JW Player

Media Planning & Buying
iMedia Editors

G/O Digital releases a new study on Facebook Advertising, Sizmek announces the acquisition of Aerify Media, and Deutsch LA makes a new hire.

3 Gmail innovations to watch out for

2 companies that combatted persistent brand myths

Why mobile advertising is still lagging behind desktop

3 reasons signed-in users are replacing cookies

The unstoppable power of strong women in branded video

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Data lessons for automakers that all marketers should learn

The automotive industry is a highly lucrative and competitive market and as such, automakers are constantly looking for ways to...

The Power of Social Influence: From a Bucket of Ice to the End of a Relationship

Hi. My name is Glenn Pingul and my daughter nominated me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I will donate $25 to ALS and...

Drive Your Social Selling Via 140 Character Social Listening

Some of the best tweets are the ones you dont send. Think about it. Think about how you currently use Twitter. To this day, I...

Navigating the Shift From TV to Mobile

Until recently, traditional TV players had brushed off the notion that digital will have a heavy impact on their business or...

The art of in-app video ads (part 2 of 5): Conquering latency

Mobile video ads are one of the most powerful ways to engage users. The average click-through-rate of mobile video campaigns...

Instagram = Engagement… For Now

A lot of industry attention has been directed at the recent Facebook shift to reach and frequency and the relevance of engagement...

Jumping to Conclusions on the Ice Bucket Challenge

If you were going to jump to a conclusion that a fundraising meme is stupid, everything about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge would...

Common Law Firm Marketing Myths

Fans of Breaking Bad are delighted by the news about the Better Call Saul spinoff, featuring Walter Whites less-than-ethical...

Why Building Your Brand Is All About Sharing Your Values

As a brand manager, it is your responsibility to make people of different demographics, geographical locations, and socioeconomic...

New Instagram Business Tools

Instagram recently announced they are taking major steps to enable brands by providing greater insight into the performance of...

Report: CPG Snack Foods – Social Media Analysis

Snack Foods have some of the largest social media communities of any product or service category. Our sample of 8 brands --...

The Coming Age of Content Relations

The marketing industry sits on the ledge of a deep precipice at the moment. Over the past decade we have been handed the keys to...

5 of the Most Effective PR Campaigns of 2014

PR has the power to extend your reach, engage members of your target audience and create strong connections to your brand. To that...

Why Innovation Isn't Always Positive

I'm sure most of you have heard that there are two sides to every story, or that for every positive there is a negative. For some...

The loss of loyalty and the birth of premium content experiences

The explosive growth in digital video consumption is no surprise, as brands are allocating more of their budget and adapting...

The Value of Sales Experience in Marketing

Some of the most effective marketing strategies look a lot more like sales than anything else. In its essence, lead generation on...