The future of content creation belongs to agencies

The future of content creation belongs to agencies

Media Planning & Buying

The traditional relationship between advertising and entertainment has been shattered, and the change is greatly affecting both industries. Here's why the creative power is up for grabs.

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"The future creative landscape" panel that went up this Monday during Ad Week showcased a few great examples of content done right...

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Social media is a tricky form of marketing. You know it is important, and the concept of engagement is simple enough to understand...

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Current TV co-founder and CEO Joel Hyatt has often discussed the contributions of that network to modern broadcasting. Not only...

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Soft drinks are by nature a rather social product. Who doesnt open a soda and offer to share it with a friend? Thats the central...

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In 1966 Englishman Colin McDonald carried out a pilot study that became a game-changer for the advertising industry; McDonald...

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Next time you sit down to watch your favorite guilty pleasure television program, perhaps "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,"...

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Forget the year of mobile. For TV advertisers, 2015 is the year of programmatic.According to a survey recently conducted by Adap...

Car and Truck Makers Need to Emphasize Their Vehicles Are Digitally Safe

Watch any NFL game on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and youll see a bevy of commercials espousing that a given car or truck model is...

Part V – All Native Advertising is Not Equal: Why that Matters Under the First Amendment and Why it Should Matter to the FTC

This post is co-authored by Alan M. PateIn this five part series, originally published in the Summer 2014 edition of the Media Law...

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This is the second in a series of articles about long-term customer experience and how to drive engagement beyond short-term and...

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In order to compete in todays marketplace, its nearly a given that a brand must offer both digital and physical interactions for...

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Launching a startup takes a great deal of courage. Some initially successful entrepreneurs dont fully grasp the proper strategies...

4 Keys to Marketing Your Real Estate Services

As the U.S. real estate market steadily recovers, even the most badly affected regions are beginning to see a leap in activity....