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2016 May Agency Sponsors



AdTheorent is a technology company that is transforming digital advertising through user identity mapping and data-driven predictive solutions. AdTheorent’s big data mining platform, cross-environment tracking and attribution solutions help brands understand and connect with their audiences at scale.

AdTheorent’s machine learning technology platform combines millions of data attributes into precise and accurate adaptive models for the purpose of identifying optimal audiences. Powered by data-driven intelligence, AdTheorent’s platform delivers the right ad, to the right user, at the right time – all in “real time” within brand advertisers’ ROAS and performance goals.

AdTheorent provides the most comprehensive cross-device ID mapping infrastructure in market, which maps 336 million unique device IDs to 101 million US households and appends those devices with extensive 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources. As a mobile-first Data Management Platform, AdTheorent is uniquely positioned to match offline and online data to mobile at scale, affect cross-device targeting and break new ground in media attribution including physical activity such as purchase.

AdTheorent’s Barometric® measurement and analytics solution features the mobile advertising industry’s most advanced cross-device/cross-media measurement and analytics technology, providing the “post-click and post view” signals necessary for modeling to (i.e., predicting) true user engagement and awareness.

The collective result to AdTheorent-partnered brands and marketers is higher engagement rates across any client-defined metric – The Intelligent Impression®. For more information, visit: www.adtheorent.com.


Bazaar Voice

Bazaarvoice Shopper Advertising collects real-time insights from shoppers engaging with consumer generated content including ratings & reviews, questions & answers, photos & videos and more across the Bazaarvoice network, which is comprised of 6,300 brands and retailers selling 90 million unique consumer products to more than 700 million monthly shopper devices. These insights allow us to create highly specific custom audience segments, empowering brands and retailers to efficiently reach and engage true in-market shoppers.


Bionic Ads

Human creativity or computer efficiency? With Bionic Advertising Systems, you get both. Bionic Digital Media Planner gives you powerful workflow automation that eliminates long hours of grunt work and tedious mistakes. Bionic helps you shift your time to high-value strategic activities: You can spend more time on the challenging work your client hired you to do. And get paid more to do it! Get your account at http://www.bionic-ads.com/planner/.



Buzztala is a programmatic video platform that allows advertisers to drive targeted audiences in organic and paid search and via remarketing display in social channels. Customers discover videos while in their favorite mobile apps (Facebook, Twitter) or conducting searches in Google, YouTube, Bing or Yahoo where videos are listed in top paid and organic search rankings. Buzztala is turnkey – we handle everything from FREE video ad creation to campaign management.


Context Media Health

ContextMedia:Health is the leading provider of digital solutions at the Point-of-Care in the United States. The company impacts over 378 million patient visits a year, across 25,000+ physician practices, and partners with 76 leading digital content publishers to deliver curated patient education to Waiting Rooms and Exam Rooms across the country.

ContextMedia:Health has been educating patients at the Point-of-Care since 2006, and partners with over 100 health brands across the top global pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to deliver custom marketing solutions across its digital networks. Most recently, ContextMedia:Health launched two new products - Patient Mobile Connect and the Digital Exam Room Wallboard - that guarantee patients access to relevant health information during the resolution moments of their treatment.




The leader in personalized digital marketing, transforming the industry through cutting-edge technology, bold creative and a staggering amount of data. Our roster of 4,000 clients includes 400+ blue chip brands and 65 of the Internet Retailer Top 100. Coupled with the world's largest affiliate marketing network, CJ Affiliate, we drive measurable, remarkable results. Conversant is a division of Epsilon, the global leader in creating customer connections that build brand and business equity.

For more information, please visit www.conversantmedia.com.

eBay Advertising

ebay advertising

Stay with your audience wherever they go with the eBay Audience Platform. eBay’s rich, first-party data empowers us to accurately target and engage your ideal audience across our network of premium sites and apps. Whether you’re looking for a specific demographic, lifestyle or life stage, we can deliver it at scale. Our full suite of products is available cross-device and delivers display, video and social targeting. Put the power of our data to work for you. 



We at Factual believe that data should be accessible to every developer, entrepreneur, business, or organization – anyone who needs it to build a better app, provide a better search result, make smarter software – anyone who needs data to make a better decision or help others make better decisions. Today, Factual focuses on making location data accessible to the mobile world – data about places across the globe, and data which reveals a deeper understanding of people based on their geographic behavior. 



NetBase is the leading enterprise social analytics solution for top consumer brands and their agencies to drive real business results. 


Ninth Decimal

NinthDecimal is an omni-channel audience and measurement company, operating at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Fortune 500 companies and brands, including American Express, Comcast, Kraft, Microsoft, Starbucks, Target and Toyota, use NinthDecimal’s data to plan, activate and measure campaigns, while gaining deeper insights into their audience and business. By bridging online and offline data, NinthDecimal’s pioneering Location Graph platform offers the most precise audience solution to understand today’s consumer and how to engage them throughout the path-to-purchase. Its Location Conversion Index™ (LCI™) is the industry’s first offline attribution solution that goes beyond the click to measure physical-world behavior at the point of purchase, and data partnerships with companies like Acxiom, BlueKai, Datalogix, Experian, LiveRamp, Neustar and more provide a comprehensive closed-loop solution.


Owner IQ

ownerIQ, "The Q" digitally connects retailers and brands through the power of second-party data, providing transparency, scalability, and relevancy within digital marketing. ownerIQ changes the way retailers, brands and e-commerce websites run their digital advertising campaigns, reaching consumers both online and in-store. The Q has the largest and most transparent second-party data marketplace, called "The Qniverse," which aggregates over 1 Billion online shopping behaviors of more than 200 million U.S. consumers each month from retailers, product brands and e-commerce sites. Our fully integrated programmatic stack, built specifically for the needs of marketers in the Retail ecosystem, enables our advertisers to leverage our partners' 1st party data pools to power their e-commerce campaigns, retail initiatives, and prospecting programs. ownerIQ was recently named in the 2015 Ad Age BtoB Best Awards, as CIOReview Magazine's Top 50 Retail Solutions, Digiday Signal Awards, Boston Business Journal's Hottest Tech Companies to Watch, and Editor's Choice Award from Shopper Marketing Magazine. For more information, visit www.ownerIQ.com



Resonate generates higher ROI for communications professionals by increasing the relevance of their messages and the effectiveness of their targeting.

Our unique and highly advanced data science brings psychographic data at scale so you can move beyond demographics and observed behaviors to understand why individuals do what they do. You can then communicate in ways that better drive engagement, conversion, and much greater return on every dollar invested.

Founded in 2008 and backed by world-class venture firms like Greycroft, iNovia, and most recently Revolution Growth, Resonate is consistently recognized as an innovator in applying data and technology to make marketing more relevant.



Teads, founded in 2011, is the inventor of native video advertising and a global monetization platform for publishers. Publishers work with Teads to create brand new video inventory and monetize it through Teads sales force, their own sales force, or programmatic buying.

Teads’ outstream solutions encompass a series of formats inserted deep into media content, like the inRead playing inside articles. It is changing the game within the video advertising market by creating unprecedented levels of premium inventory, which did not exist before.

Brands and agencies can access this top-tier, premium inventory, available on the web and on mobile, through programmatic or managed services. Through its managed services capabilities, the Teads team execute on their client’s behalf using its platform.



Waze is an award-winning, crowdsourced navigation app with more than 50 million active users around the world. Real-time GPS data collected from its community of drivers gives brands deep insight into consumers’ intent and routines, allowing for powerful engagement. Through a combination of native ad placements and advanced targeting, Waze enables marketers to increase location and brand awareness while driving customers more frequently to businesses.