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21 marketing facts that will blow your mind


By David Zaleski

Need to wake up? Here are some marketing tidbits that will shock you.

How responsive design can go wrong

By Prasant Varghese

Responsive design might seem like the answer to all your marketing problems, but don't be fooled. Here are a few limitations that should be acknowledged.

How shared media fits into the marketing mix

By Rebecca Lieb

We always hear about paid, owned, and earned. But what about shared? Here's why marketers need to start accounting for shared media.

2 bold predictions for video advertising

By Chip Scully

What is the future of digital video advertising? These surprising predictions will make both marketers and consumers jump for joy.

Blog Posts

The Sharks and the Jets: "Online People" vs "TV People" in the Battle for Video Convergence

By Mike Caprio

The discussion around the convergence of TV and Online is profound.Typically when we speak to TV people their goal is to make...

Omnicom & Publicis Merger: Will Data Rule?

By Tony Quin

The big merger announcement of Omnicom and Publicis focuses squarely on the data side of the marketing business, specifically the...

InArticle Video Formats Going Like Hotcakes

By Roy de Souza

Things atZEDO and in the ad market are exciting. For a while now weve been working on our new division, ZINC, hiring people,...

Four strategies for creating epic digital brand experiences

By Peter Crofut

Our last blog post highlighted four challenges brands face in bringing their stories to life digitally, including creating...

Emerging Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2013 Could Yield New Markets Tomorrow

By Neal Leavitt

SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) just wrapped up its 40th annual convention a few...

Google messes up Android navigation

By Brandt Dainow

Where's my blue navigation button gone?If you have an Android phone you may have just lost your navigation app. Millions have. ...

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