Published: June 13, 2007
Re-Imagining Google

Interactive marketers around the world eagerly watch Google as the company continues to innovate with products that move the industry forward in more ways than ever before.

Despite the trail blazed by Google, the majority of marketers tend to focus only on what’s available today when we consider our online advertising options. But let's imagine, for a minute, the possibilities for interactive marketing beyond what Google currently offers.

All of my re-imagined ideas are possible -- especially for Google, the industry golden child -- and could provide great benefits to companies seeking to spread their brand messaging.

It is important for advertisers and marketers to be forward thinking about the options available for online promotion of their products or services. Go to your partners, tell them your thoughts, let them build it and then you benefit. Using only what you are provided with is a recipe for a place behind the advertising curve.

So, let's open the doors to the world of our Google imagination.

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