Mark Arnold

How to win the attention war

Consumers are inundated with marketing messages on a near-constant basis. How can you stand out from the pack?

Morgan Sims

5 brands that were forced to apologize

In a world of social media, it's impossible to sweep PR mistakes under the rug. Here's how major brands angered the public and dealt with the consequences.

Anand Sampat

How brand legacy can drive innovation

A successful brand should position itself as forward-thinking in numerous areas of a consumer's life. Here's why your brand's central purpose is key.

David Zaleski

6 controversial marketing campaigns that got big brands sued

Every once in a while, marketers go too far. Here are some marketing campaigns that landed established brands in serious legal trouble.

Jeff Rosenblum

The brands leading the way with transparency

It's the age of transparency, and the brands that choose to embrace it are winning fans. Here's what your brand needs to know to succeed.

Mark Arnold

Signs that you need to rebrand your company

Even the most venerable brands eventually have to consider rebranding. Here are some signs that your company is in need.

Matt Timothy

Turning the lights on with viewability

When it comes to viewability, players in the digital video space are currently floundering around in the dark with only flashlights. Here's how we can light up the entire industry.

Matt Timothy

Online video advertising: Entering its teenage years

Digital video advertising is old enough to warrant a spot at the grown-up table but too immature to fully embrace the invitation. Here's how the industry can turn its energy and excitement into positive practices.

Erika Weinstein

Why you should stop putting on a mask at work

If you're hiding behind a corporate mask at work, you could be jeopardizing your own career. Here's why being yourself is good for business.

Adam Broitman

Why are you still limiting your brand's potential?

Coca-Cola is more than a beverage brand, Nike is more than a sports brand, and your brand can be more too. Here's how to build a digital value ecosystem around your business.

Mark Arnold

How to tell an effective brand story

Great marketers are great storytellers. Here are a few ideas to consider when writing the tale of your brand.

iMedia Editors

iMedia 25: Brands Redefining Content Marketing

The Brands Redefining Content Marketing list examines the most innovative ways marketers are using content to spark meaningful connections with consumers. See which brands made the cut!

Ian Tenenbaum

Brands that dominate with user-generated content

UGC now competes with campaigns created by agency pros. Here are five brands that tapped creative consumers to drive sales.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

5 ways to turn your company around

Successful turnaround architects know that trust is essential to leading a company through a do-or-die transition. Here's how to take the reins and effect massive change.

Michael Estrin

3 big brands that don't want -- or need -- an agency

Not every brand uses an agency. These companies prefer to keep the work in-house. Find out why.

Mark Naples

A brand marketer's guide to speaking with the press

If you haven't had training in handling the press, consider this your cheat sheet. Here are six perspectives to help you prepare.