Brendan Morrissey

How to strengthen the relationship between brands and retailers

Online research and in-store interactions are both vital parts of how people shop today. Find out how digital can form successful partnerships with brick and mortar counterparts.

Mark Arnold

3 brands suffering from identity crises

Whether it's mixed marketing messages or multiple personalities, it's easy to experience an identity crisis. To safeguard your own corporate identity, consider these suffering brands.

Anna Johansson

CEOs whose marketing departments probably hate them

CEO blunders have the power to undo years of solid marketing work. Here are the executives whose bad decisions make them easy to hate.

Anna Kassoway

Why brands are letting consumers power their advertising

Advertising is broken -- but it doesn't have to be. Here's why marketers are relinquishing control of their brands to consumers.

Michael Estrin

11 facts that will make you love these brands

Truth is certainly stranger than fiction, but it's also stronger than an advertisement. Here are the brands that have real facts on their side.

Dan Sullivan

2 companies that combatted persistent brand myths

When the brand's image was being threatened, both Starbucks and Heineken managed to divert potential damage. Here are the tactics that saved their reputations.

Tamara Littleton

5 brands that climbed out of reputation hell

Is your brand prepared to deal with a major crisis? Take a look at how these companies rebounded after falling hard from grace.

Andrew Lipsman

Why the "retail funk" will soon come to an end

With many economic indicators on the upswing, retailers are left wondering why consumer spending has remained lukewarm. Here's what the future looks like.

Kyle Montero

Brands that need to be saved by CMOs

A number of brands have recently made CMO hires during problematic times. Here's a look at companies that are counting on CMOs for serious change.

Michael Estrin

8 ways brands screw up when asking for customer feedback

If brands aren't considering the best ways to converse with customers, they are missing out on priceless insights. Here's how to begin.

Michael Estrin

6 concrete ways brands are using big data

You know about the importance of big data. But what does it look like when marketers put it into action? Find out how these brands made a big splash with big data.

Adrian Lacey

Programmatic branding: The next step

Given the rising appetite for programmatic campaigns, could programmatic branding be the next evolution? Here are some questions to consider when planning your strategy.

Mark Arnold

How to win the attention war

Consumers are inundated with marketing messages on a near-constant basis. How can you stand out from the pack?

Morgan Sims

5 brands that were forced to apologize

In a world of social media, it's impossible to sweep PR mistakes under the rug. Here's how major brands angered the public and dealt with the consequences.

Anand Sampat

How brand legacy can drive innovation

A successful brand should position itself as forward-thinking in numerous areas of a consumer's life. Here's why your brand's central purpose is key.

David Zaleski

6 controversial marketing campaigns that got big brands sued

Every once in a while, marketers go too far. Here are some marketing campaigns that landed established brands in serious legal trouble.