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Rebecca Lieb

The importance of having your digital ducks in a row

In today's digital-dependent world, a presidential candidate's social presence (or lack thereof) can make or break their chances of getting to the White House. See how one candidate's recent debut flopped.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Adadyn, Mintz + Hoke, and Rakuten Marketing

The Guardian announced a new alliance, Leadspace announced a new partnership, and Enso made a new hire.

Aaron Dodez

Who should handle social media?

Brands have many options for managing social media, and it can take time to find the delicate balance that gets them the best results. Take a look at the pros and cons of each potential player. 

Peter Mühlmann

The year customer-centric marketing takes over

Customer feedback is invaluable. Instead of ignoring your audience, use their public opinions to drive your sales.

Trevor Guthrie

Advice for starting your own agency

Moving out on your own to start a new agency is a very daunting task. Check out these tips for getting it right.

Luke Rees

The importance of the phone in omnichannel retailing

Although digital channels are only getting more complex and abundant, there is still value in real connection to your consumers through the phone. Here's what you need to know.

Lisa Welchman

Who is responsible for digital mistakes?

In order to prevent potentially libelous or embarrassing errors online, a clear system needs to be put in place -- from the top down. Find out why and how.

iMedia Editors

10 tips for attracting the best talent

Larger companies swallow up a lot of great candidates immediately. Here's how a young company can attract the best talent.

Greg Kihlstrom

6 workplace policies killing your creativity -- and fun

If your organization is in a creative slump, you may need to ditch the following workplace policies and practices.

Rebecca Lieb

A business-oriented content measurement framework

When you create marketing content, you must have specific parameters in mind. Here are four suggestions for devising measurement strategies that will showcase real results.

Mark Yeager

5 major marketing terms you're misusing

You're familiar with all of these popular marketing phrases, but are you using them correctly? Learn the true definitions, and why you need to know them.

Talia Arnold

Why advertisers need to tune in to digital radio

While marketers focus on the shift from TV to digital video, the audio market has undergone a quiet renaissance as radio is redefined. It's time to listen up.

Drew Hubbard

The marketing clichés you need to stop repeating

Some of these are simply annoying. Some are straight-up dangerous. How many are you spouting on a daily basis?

Nicholas Manluccia

How only the strong will survive in Snapchat's "Discover"

The fast-paced social platform recently launched some exciting content options. Find out what this new model means for advertisers and how they should approach the app's finicky audience.

Doug Bewsher

3 reasons your CMO is more important than your product

Building a great product isn't the most important part of making the sale. Here's why you should take advantage of the personal connection the web allows company leaders to make with consumers.

Mary Kotyuk

How technology is changing the quick-trip shopper

Customers are moving away from local stores for all their daily needs -- they're now ordering online with faster and faster delivery. See how this digital shift affects retailers.