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Devin Guan

The race for precision at scale

Should you use a login-based or prediction-based method for gathering data? Learn why accuracy is only half the battle in the cross-device arms race.

Greg Kihlström

4 marketing techniques that consumers completely ignore

Today's marketing is so pervasive that some shoppers are growing immune to it. Here are some of the tactics that simply aren't getting through to consumers.

David Saef

Elevate your marketing with music industry sponsorships

There are plenty of opportunities to create more impactful and enriching relationships with customers and prospects at musical events. Take a look at what you might be missing.

Stephanie Shkolnik

4 ways to enhance company culture at your agency through digital

Keeping your employees happy is a task that can be lost in the daily shuffle, especially at a busy creative agency. Play to your strengths and utilize tech to create an atmosphere where everyone thrives.

David Zaleski

7 disturbing reincarnations of famous brand mascots

Sometimes a fresh take on an old image goes awry. Discover some mascot makeovers that sent chills down our spines.

Jie Cheng

Overcoming the greatest hurdles in predictive marketing

Even with plenty of data at your disposal, successfully predicting consumer patterns comes with its fair share of barriers. Eliminate two possible roadblocks with the following advice.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Ignite OPM, Beeswax, and Zenzi

GlimpzIt launched a new platform, HyprMX revealed a new tool, and Full Circle Insights, Inc. announced its new name.

Mitchell Reichgut

In praise of the algorithm apocalypse

Google and Facebook changed their algorithms this spring, and marketers panicked. However, all is not lost. Find out why the industry should embrace these changes.

iMedia Editors

8 digital marketing strategies you should add to your playbook

With new digital strategies popping up daily, you may be wondering what works. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on what has been effective for them in 2015.

Rebecca Lieb

Publish or perish

This mantra is no longer just for academia. See why it means big business for companies everywhere.

Ed Lu

The secret to a profitable agency

Brands are always looking for the best quality for the lowest price, but the two are dependent upon one another. Here's why the best agencies can charge a little bit more.

Geoff Smith

7 new strategies brands are using to build customer loyalty

While brands are experiencing changes in consumer behavior, the goal remains to build long-lasting customer relationships. Here are some ways to gain a steadfast following.

Michelle Kruse

How to quit a job you love

It's not easy to part ways with a position you love, but sometimes it has to be done. Check out these tips on how to ease the heartbreak for everyone involved.

Ken Eissing

Ease customer concerns about beacon technology

Location-based marketing technology has so much potential, but there are still issues with privacy concerns. Find out how you can address fears and encourage adoption.

Jeff Collins

Cure your media plan pains with people-based advertising

Poor metrics are causing our media plans to go awry. Find out how and why we should treat the underlying cause instead of trying to manage the problems that they create.

iMedia Editors

10 qualities startups should look for in a potential CMO hire

Hiring the right person for a CMO role can be a challenge. The YEC weighs in on the qualities that matter most.