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Peter Platt

ASPY nominations close this Friday

We get by with a little help from our friends -- so don't forget to thank them! Nominations for the ASPY Awards, honoring the agency community's favorite technology and solution providers, are now open.

Chelsea Coleman

5 brands with the craziest fans

Today's successful companies are igniting customer loyalty by cultivating engaged and passionate followers. Check out which brands are causing the most hysteria.

Dean Harris

How to avoid ad fraud in programmatic media

Programmatic media buying and selling is going to become a larger part of the digital media equation, so it's crucial to do all you can to eliminate abuse. Start with these tips.  

Chloe Della Costa

7 ad campaigns that used reverse psychology

Today, it's harder than ever for advertisers to meaningfully reach customers, so it's often the boldest strategies that succeed in drawing attention. Here are ads that leveraged reverse psychology.

Rebecca Lieb

Insider tips for making the most of analyst briefings

Too many companies fail to take full advantage of this valuable communications strategy. Check out these tips for a successful conversation.

Richard Harrison

4 ways to manage brand reputation in a digital world

When bad things happen to good brands, it's often their response that matters most. Find out how marketers can divert the backlash.

Drew Hubbard

Bizarre "firsts" in marketing

In the marketing world, doing something first doesn't necessarily make it an innovative move. Check out these companies that tried to be ahead of the curve.

Oliver Jaeger

How to create a strong customer experience engine

Are you focusing on creating a superior and effective customer journey? Here are tips to make it work for you.

Kiran Gopinath

How recent holiday sales are driving DCO

Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend gave consumers another opportunity to spend -- and marketers the chance to try out a new strategic practice. Here's what you need to know.

Kent Lewis

6 marketing tools that will soon be obsolete

As the digital landscape evolves, the following tools will fail to keep up. Are you ready to kiss these once-valuable options goodbye?

Erika Weinstein

Why loving your job matters

There are benefits to performing your job well, but even more if you enjoy doing it. Read on if you, or your employees, need to rekindle the flame.

Michelle Kruse

Your guide to Millennials in the workplace

Chances are you manage a Millennial, and a few simple considerations can go a long way to help you all succeed. Check out these tips.

Hector Pages

The brands that connect best with LGBT consumers

Many industries are now taking a more-inclusive approach to building relationships with the LGBT community. Discover which companies are truly engaging with this demographic.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: Kvantum, Oban Digital, and SteelBrick

RR Donnelley & Sons is making an acquisition, Integral Ad Science opened a new lab, and wywy made new hires.

Todd Pasternack

3 ways misconceptions stunt creative innovation

Perceived limitations can keep marketers a cautious step back from the edge of what's possible in digital creative, but it's time to set those fears aside.

Rebecca Lieb

When all media are just media, what happens to advertising?

Television's delivery method is changing at warp speed, but what does that mean for online advertisers? Take a look at what's to come and how it may -- or may not – change your campaign approach.