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Matt Cronin

Why CMOs need to listen to their customers

Marketers can't just pop into social media and expect to control public perception of their brand. Check out how truly listening will help you connect with your audience.

iMedia Editors

The Digital Dispatch: 4INFO, Crain Communications, and Phelps

GSD&M made a round of promotions, MAGNUS Media announced a new division, and Verndale announced a new creative director.

Stacey Williams

4 basic crowdfunding blunders to avoid

Great projects are launched on crowdfunding platforms every day. Increase the chances of reaching your goal by steering clear of these mistakes.

Yaniv Makover

6 ways content marketing will change in 2016

The shift in content consumption cannot be underestimated. See what's ahead for this changing marketing landscape.

Jona Mici

Are you ready for DIY programmatic?

Many brands and agencies have chosen to handle programmatic in-house, but this may not work for everyone. Read on to determine what comes with running a self-service operation.

Brad Brief

4 ways to make your social data work for you

With so much data available, the definition of social success has begun to shift. Here's how to extract the information that matters most.

Adam Weinroth

How to build lasting customer relationships

If you're still focusing on clicks, you're doing it wrong. Here's how to nurture the customer journey.

Chloe Della Costa

5 podcasts every marketer should be following

Even the most old-school marketers can't ignore the recent growth in the podcasting space. Here are the shows to listen to for marketing and advertising insights.

Shafi Saxena

8 new rules for today's CMO

Today's digital marketing leaders must work on the cusp of tomorrow. Follow these guidelines to become more effective in your position.

Michael Cohen

How to help your company earn back valuable time

The success of a company relies heavily on efficient cross-functional communication. Take a look at six ways to keep your team on track.

Robyn Foo

The shifting power dynamic between brands and retailers

Previously, brand manufacturers and suppliers had to battle retailers, but now the brands hold the leverage. Read on to find out more about this move.

iMedia Editors

A look at the future of agencies and mobile

There's a new breed of ad agencies taking shape, thanks in large part to the growing mobile market. Find out what lies ahead. 

Nanette Marcus

Tips for transitioning to a new CMO

When your company or client brings on a new marketing head, it's tempting to expect the worst. Check out this advice from industry veterans about keeping your cool when things start to heat up.

Victor Wong

Why it doesn't take a village to scale mobile

Mobile creative is complex, but that shouldn't require the masses. We need a single elder equipped with the right tools. Here's why.

Andrew Fingerman

5 ways to prepare for the visual content apocalypse

As use of images and videos in marketing continues to rise, executives must prepare a calculated approach. Get a handle on your visual strategy with these guidelines.

iMedia Editors

iMedia 25: The top marketing innovators of 2015

Each year, we take the time recognize a small group of exceptional marketers in the industry. Here are our honorees for 2015.