Rebecca Lieb

Why social media is losing its sparkle

Every shiny new digital channel has its day, but social media is already fading into the background. Here's why that's a good sign.

Kevin Bobowski

How to convert Pinterest traffic into sales

Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to driving online purchases. In fact, it's responsible for 23 percent of all social commerce. Here's how to convert visitors into buyers.

Gordon Plutsky

The real history of social media

Today's social juggernauts have not only changed marketing forever, but they've also reshaped how people interact with one another. So what are the implications for tomorrow?

Chris Marentis

Why marketers shouldn't overlook the value of Pinterest

Almost any business can benefit from having an active presence on Pinterest. Here are some distinct opportunities that make this social network unique.

Keith Pape

New social media mistakes we're making

Certain social strategies and tactics are sound, but disastrous decisions are being made for short-term gain. Here's how marketers are abusing social platforms.

Franchesca Nguyen

How Coca-Cola tells engaging stories via social

Social media gives brands the opportunity to speak to vast audiences in real time. In this Q&A, Brynn Bardacke describes how Coca-Cola uses social to spread its brand stories far and wide.

Patrice Francois

The cultural landmines to avoid during global expansions

Global expansion can open up unlimited possibilities for your brand, but it's also a dangerous process. Don't overlook these important aspects of growing your brand worldwide.

Folke Lemaitre

Say goodbye to one-way social marketing

It's no longer enough to passively observe and analyze the social conversations around your brand. Companies need to respond. Here are some tips for successful engagement.

Jordan Slabaugh

4 ways to get customers on your side

Customers today demand more attention than an automated telephone system can provide. Try these social strategies to grab (and keep) their loyalty.

Bryan Maleszyk

Why Instagram ads aren't the end of the world

When Instagram introduced ads last year, it wasn't a total shock to marketers. But do users fear it will ruin the overall app experience?

Joseph Carrabis

The declining value of social marketing

Is social spending effective for marketers? According to some, it's not. These surprising sentiments suggest social marketing might be losing its pull.

Eric Roach

The top 5 social trends for 2014

2013 brought big changes for social media, and this year will be no exception. Here are five predictions for the coming year.

Lauren Friedman

The best social media campaigns of 2013

Even though social media is well established when it comes to online marketing, plenty of brands are still coming up with fresh ideas. Here are the ones that did it best this year.

Mark Smith

How to dodge social marketing mistakes

While social has been the "golden ticket" for some brands, most are seemingly mystified by its power. Here are a few recent opportunities where companies have dropped the ball.

Eric Roach

4 effective ways to grow a brand's social media reach

Expanding a company's social network can be difficult when a small team is responsible for reaching the masses. So how can a company maximize its social media efforts? Here are some tips.

Emily Weeks

4 ways to build your personal brand

Personal branding is crucial in order to stand out in today's competitive environment. Here are some tips to start your own self-marketing strategy.