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11 brands with incredible social media strategies

Social media is an integral part of marketing. Here are some brands that are going above and beyond in that space.

Brian Selander

Marketing on Periscope: Lessons from early adopters

The live-streaming app can help brands connect in a more personal way to consumers. Here are some early campaigns and the results of their experimentation.

Drew Hubbard

The 5 funniest brands on Instagram

It's not easy to convey humor on social media, especially on a visual platform like Instagram. The following brands have taken on this challenge, with excellent results.

Jenn Deering Davis

The 3 best brand storytellers on social media

Visual and engaging content that tells a story is key to cultivating a successful social strategy. These brands can show you how it's done.

Drew Hubbard

5 ways to run a horrible social influencer campaign

A great partnership with a blogger can boost your sales and brand recognition, but only if executed correctly. Be sure to avoid making the following mistakes.

Drew Hubbard

9 cliché Instagram posts to avoid

While you think that every image you post on Instagram is gold, your followers likely don't agree. Brand marketers may want to avoid some of the following subjects on the photo-sharing platform.

Drew Hubbard

Easy-to-steal ideas from the biggest brands on Twitter

These accounts have garnered huge followings on the popular social network. Take a few tips from the playbooks of these major names in order to build a Twitter presence.

Stephen Boidock

3 reasons to sit up and pay attention to Snapchat

No one knows the power of images and video better than the teen-centric social network. Learn how your brand can capitalize on the unique advertising methods of Snapchat.

Michael Estrin

Brands that need to learn the difference between sexy and sexist

Sex certainly sells, but unfortunately, so does sexism. Find out which brands are conflating the two.

Erika Weinstein

Do you suffer from tech anxiety?

The pressure to keep up with platforms has caused many professionals to second guess their social media strategies and often feel one step behind. See how to get over those mental hurdles.

Drew Hubbard

7 deadly sins of Instagram marketing

Whether you're just starting out on the photo-sharing platform or you've had an account for some time, your social strategy may need some work. Be sure you aren't breaking any of the cardinal rules of marketing on Instagram.

Joe Matthews

3 tips for outsmarting Facebook algorithm changes

The popular social network now favors user-generated content over that of brands, causing widespread panic amongst marketers. Stand out on users' news feeds by employing these helpful hints.

Tom Edwards

How to launch a winning Instagram strategy

When it comes to social media, every platform requires its own strategy. Here are three ways marketers should be leveraging Instagram.

Lauren Friedman

The best social media campaigns of 2015 (so far)

Brands are not only understanding the power of social media, but they're also leveraging market trends for great success. Check out these inspirational campaigns.

Kent Lewis

9 social media marketing rules you should break

The old rules of social media marketing no longer apply. Here's how to ensure your brand's social strategy is up to date.

Michael Estrin

6 brands that are doing #TBT right

Any brand can take advantage of Throwback Thursday. Despite the trend's universal appeal, though, surprisingly few brands make the most of it. Thankfully, each week presents an opportunity to remedy that.