Jay Friedman

Why the days of skipping ads are over

Soon, marketers will have figured out a way to correctly measure and monetize online display. Here's how real-time bidding will affect the way we view TV.

Doug Wintz

An essential guide to changing ad platforms

Here are the most common mistakes and quick remedies to ensure a smooth transition between ad platforms.

Chris Smith

How to successfully combine video and TV buying

It's now safe to say that TV and digital video need to work together, but no one can agree on what the future holds. Here are five ways to get the most from the TV-online convergence.

Doug Wintz

Why your company is hiring a consultant

If you're in ad operations, the arrival of a consultant can elicit mixed emotions. But it's not the end of the world. Here's how you should react when your company brings in a third-party resource.

Doug Wintz

How to avoid disaster when changing ad platforms

When switching ad platforms, why do some companies succeed and others flounder? Use this guide to lead your company through successful change management.

James Lamberti

7 roadblocks to mobile marketing success

Mobile represents one of the largest opportunities in the industry, but there are still glaring issues to be resolved. Here are the challenges we face as marketers, as well as some ideas on how we can work toward solutions.

Ari Brandt

5 things brands should consider when running mobile video ads

Video is the fastest-growing mobile ad format and offers marketers one of the best ways to run engaging creative. Here are the nuts and bolts to help you do it right.

Sebastian Tonkin

Is cost-per-engagement the hot new ad buy?

Is CPE just a parlor trick used by publishers to get higher rates, or can it close the gap between ad spend and engagement? You be the judge.

Alex White

How to handle the challenge of brand safety in RTB

The brand safety segment is crowded with different approaches and a lot of confusion about what "brand safety" actually entails. Use this article for some much-needed clarity.

Christine Pereira

5 points to consider before buying video ads

Video advertising is a powerful opportunity, but buyers need to do some homework before investing their dollars. Here's what to consider before purchasing video ads.

Alex Rahaman

How to get the most out of rich media ads

To ensure complete mobile engagement, marketers must understand the marriage of rich media ad creation and RTB. Here's a crash course.

Greg Skipper

7 things you don't know about ad networks and are afraid to ask

Ad networks are one of the most confusing areas of the digital industry. This article answers seven of your most pressing questions.

Eric Picard

Why publishers should stop selling remnant inventory

The way publishers monetize their sites has evolved to a point where a lot of energy is expended on work that doesn't pay off. Find out how some are adapting.

Andy Ellenthal

Why RTB is failing media buyers

Real-time bidding can leave media buyers feeling vague about their online ad purchase. Here are two points to consider that will help them know their dollars were well spent.

Joe Casale

How to address concerns raised by real-time bidding

The rise of RTB has brought about an even greater need for transparency. Here are 10 questions buyers can ask exchanges to evaluate the suitability of their supply.

Ari Buchalter

How to know if your DSP is really working

How does your DSP decide which RTB impressions to buy for your campaign? Most do it wrong by guessing at audiences or just bidding low. Here are four fundamental concepts for understanding whether your provider is making the right decisions.