Rafael Urbina

3 things every marketer should do now about ad blocking

With the shift to mobile always increasing, ad blocking has become more and more of an issue. Don't let Apple's announcement throw you for a loop.

Joe Speiser

Don't bet against programmatic

Advertising must get smarter in order to avoid today's technology. This is how ad blockers will help improve ad experiences.

Eric Picard

Get creative with hyperlocal targeting

The introduction of location data for mobile allows advertisers to leverage the always-connected device to better reach customers. Learn to apply hyperlocal to your strategy.

Michael Quinn

Is my ad spend increasing store sales?

Digital advertising has opened up a whole new world of in-store marketing. Following are five new ways that brands are answering the oldest question in media.

Eric Picard

Viewability in programmatic media: An honest conversation

Being able to tout 100 percent viewability does not get you any closer to driving true business outcomes. Here's the discussion we should really be having.

Evan Hanlon

Can advertising ever really be welcome?

When it comes to consumer trust, digital advertising is in crisis mode. To survive, the industry must make media and creative valuable again. This is how to do it.

Michael Farber

The future of mobile: The death of disruption

Consumers have a lower tolerance for disruption in the mobile environment. Check out the ad serving advances that are enabling more-seamless and contextually integrated experiences.

Brian Weigel

True programmatic for publishers: Moving past the waterfall

Only by accepting a shifting paradigm and embracing new models will publishers realize the benefits of a programmatic landscape. Here's why the waterfall model is past its prime.

Brian Weigel

Viewability: Consider the publisher's perspective

Although a viewability-centric landscape might bring more advertiser dollars, the impact of the supply-side shift must also be considered. Let's discuss the publisher implications.

Jonathan Slavin

The new programmatic: Customizing the pipes

The programmatic pipes that control the automated flow of previously unimaginable amounts of digital impressions every day are being customized to serve the specific needs of advertisers and publishers. Here's how.

Eric Picard

A better way for publishers to manage ad inventory

Do you really understand how publisher ad servers manage programmatic availability of inventory? Probably not. Consider this your complete guide to traditional and new-world configurations. 

Eric Picard

The real reason advertising isn't more relevant

Driving relevance in advertising through technology is possible, but it's not actually being done. This chicken-and-egg conundrum is why.

Peter Platt

The 5 superpowers of banner ads we've overlooked

Banner ads have gotten a bad rap over the years -- and it's mostly our own fault. Here is why we should reconsider the industry's favorite scapegoat.

Avi Goldwerger

The many ways people are ignoring your ads

In the early days, users were more likely to click on the first ad they saw. Today, it takes a much bigger effort from advertisers. Here's why your ads are ignored and what to do about it.

Eric Picard

Why no one can define "premium" inventory

Media buyers are sacrificing on quality for the sake of efficiency. Here's why we need to start discussing this problem.

Eric Picard

What everyone should know about ad serving

To make good business decisions, you must understand the details of how ad servers function. Let's take a look at what's happening under the surface.