Eric Picard

A better way for publishers to manage ad inventory

Do you really understand how publisher ad servers manage programmatic availability of inventory? Probably not. Consider this your complete guide to traditional and new-world configurations.

Eric Picard

The real reason advertising isn't more relevant

Driving relevance in advertising through technology is possible, but it's not actually being done. This chicken-and-egg conundrum is why.

Peter Platt

The 5 superpowers of banner ads we've overlooked

Banner ads have gotten a bad rap over the years -- and it's mostly our own fault. Here is why we should reconsider the industry's favorite scapegoat.

Avi Goldwerger

The many ways people are ignoring your ads

In the early days, users were more likely to click on the first ad they saw. Today, it takes a much bigger effort from advertisers. Here's why your ads are ignored and what to do about it.

Eric Picard

Why no one can define "premium" inventory

Media buyers are sacrificing on quality for the sake of efficiency. Here's why we need to start discussing this problem.

Eric Picard

What everyone should know about ad serving

To make good business decisions, you must understand the details of how ad servers function. Let's take a look at what's happening under the surface.

Eric Picard

The 4 biggest myths about programmatic buying

Online media buying is undergoing a renaissance, but most marketers don't even know it. Here are the most widely believed fallacies regarding programmatic buying.

David Hahn

Ad viewability myths debunked

Making marketing decisions based on rumor is never a good idea. These are the four key misconceptions plaguing the industry's understanding of viewability.

Eric Picard

What the heck does "programmatic" mean?

There's a lot of incorrect information circulating with regard to programmatic media buying and selling. Let's get things straight once and for all.

Walter Knapp

Why in-view advertising isn't a silver bullet

When it comes to online ad viewability, there are four major issues that need to be addressed. Here are the main drawbacks of in-view advertising.

Eric Picard

How ad platforms work (and why should you care)

Almost every startup in the ad platform space has existed at the whim of Google. Here's why those companies are going to start vanishing -- and true innovation will take their place.

Eric Picard

Why publishers' ad experiences need to be more flexible

When new content paradigms are rolled out, new ad frameworks need to be considered as well. Here's how publishers should be thinking about the experiences on their sites.

Justin Williams

4 ways to waste fewer impressions

There's no excuse for throwing away money on campaigns with no explicit next step. Here's how to tie your efforts more closely to your results.

Eric Porres

The end of traditional retargeting

With standard retargeting, advertisers can reach a lot of consumers, but the vast majority are not interested in the ad. Here's a new breed of solution that delivers relevant ads to the right consumers.

Brad Klaus

Facebook's Open Graph: 5 things marketers must know

Open Graph is a formidable force that is changing the way brands and consumers interact. Consider how it will affect your marketing in the immediate future.

Joseph Deluca

4 ways brands can leverage video-sharing apps

Video-sharing apps like Viddy and Socialcam blend social and video to create thoroughly engaging consumer experiences. Here's how to make sure your brand doesn't miss out.