Ran Avrahamy

Drive loyalty through app engagement

Mobile use is at an all-time high and will only continue to grow. Learn how, why, and when to use push notifications to engage your audience.

Puneet Mehta

7 questions to ask for a stellar mobile app

If your brand's app is catering to the masses, then you're definitely losing consumers. For a more personalized experience, start by refining your strategy with this discussion.

Brandt Dainow

Why the iAd was a failure

A year after the iAd's debut, its closed ecosystem has forced advertisers to seek other rich media options. Find out why Apple must change or die.

Brett Barash

Is the iAd platform right for your brand?

iAds provide an incredibly rich mobile experience, leveraging sight, sound, and motion, but they aren't ideal for every brand. Here's why.

Brad Berens

Retail Daydream: Next-gen haggling and what it can do for marketing

Why is face-to-face interaction a better retail experience, and what does this all have to do with marketing? Read on for a peek into the future.

Daisy Whitney

How media will change in 2011

In this New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney talks with David Pescovitz, co-editor of BoingBoing.net, about media transformation and what we can expect moving forward.

Tom Hespos

What does a non-neutral internet look like for marketers?

When the net neutrality dust settles, what effect will it have on marketers? Here are some potential outcomes.

Tom Hespos

Will apps really kill the web?

Email, graphical web browsing, streaming media, social networking -- these all changed the game in their own way. Here's why the app ecosystem belongs on that list.

Frank Barbieri

The new definition of premium content

Is broadcast-quality content really the smartest way to reach mobile consumers? Here are the factors determining the new ad-buying paradigm.

Is an iPad app the right choice for your brand?

Is an iPad app the right choice for your brand?

The iPad has become a powerful new platform for brands, but it's not the right choice for everyone. Watch as a handful of brand marketers debate the relevancy of this influential tool.

Alex Blum

Build a better branded app

Digital application success is about finding a way to take your brand's biggest ideas on the go. Use these great tips to create utility and a more lasting connection with your consumers.

Daisy Whitney

Augmented reality: King of emerging media

As the capabilities of augmented reality expand, so does the platform's popularity. In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney looks at how a handful of brands are utilizing the technology.

When it's right (or wrong) to have an iPhone app

When it's right (or wrong) to have an iPhone app

Is an iPhone app the right choice for your brand? Watch as a handful of marketers explain what they are doing with Apple's smartphone.

Brandt Dainow

Why iAds will fail

Here's why the iAd will die, and how Steve Job's strategy for the iPhone and iPad will make Apple a marginal niche player -- at best.

Adam Boyden

3 tips for building branded browser applications

Toolbars and browser extensions are great ways to keep your content front-and-center while consumers surf the web. Before you get started, consider what your add-on can offer.

Michael Leis

5 commonly forgotten widget factors

A hastily assembled widget won't deliver significant results in a crowded market. Consider these commonly overlooked aspects when developing your next app.