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The future is in your hands. What will you do with it?

Gretchen Hyman
The future is in your hands. What will you do with it? Gretchen Hyman
Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Director, Intel Corp., opened the iMedia Video Summit in San Antonio, Texas, to talk about what the future holds for the digital media industry, and the critical role TV will play in this future.

The consumer definition of the TV experience is changing.  TV is no longer a stagnant thing. It now includes different devices, games, and the things consumers really enjoy. TV is becoming a catch-all for how we interact with consumable media. For many consumers, TV is the thing they are doing when they aren’t working. It is a symbol of "home."

Human beings are inherently social, and they will use any device they are given to try and communicate. TV at its core is social, and when you look at the idea of social TV, it has extraordinary potential to become the platform through which we communicate.

Futurecasting -- What is it?

  • It's not about predicting the future

  • Futurecasting is about: Developing an actionable vision for the future that we can build

  • Understanding what people want to do in the future

  • Using the process to figure out what is necessary to get there

Some trends were seeing: In the year 2021, there will be 500 billion hours of online content available, we will have 12 billion devices at our disposal to pair with this available content, and TV will still be at the center of our lives.

Don't just let the future happen to you -- you build it, and you can move it in the direction that you want. Let's move the needle and create a vision of this future that is "human" and that will honestly depict where we're headed, how we're preparing, and how to design and strategize.
Gretchen Hyman

Gretchen Hyman is Director of Marketing for UberMedia, a mobile ad tech platform that helps brands locate, engage, and motivate active consumers. Gretchen is the former Editor-in-Chief for iMedia Connection, where she oversaw the media property and...

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