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How The Weather Channel paved a unique path to being a technological leader

How The Weather Channel paved a unique path to being a technological leader Agata Smieciuszewski
The Weather Channel has paved a unique path to being the leader in technological advancement in Atlanta by fostering a culture that puts innovation at the forefront, rather than a side project.

At the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, Matthew Eby, VP of marketing in the digital division at The Weather Channel, discussed some of the ways the company has established itself in the industry. He noted that it's easy to become complacent in old technology, and you should always be looking for ways to improve your company. The Weather Channel grew from television to a website to apps to keep up with the changes in consumer behavior.

Encouraging your employees to participate in a culture of innovation makes a huge difference in the future of your company. They should feel inspired and encouraged to redefine success and constantly look for opportunities. For The Weather Channel, that means new ways to integrate weather data with new concepts, including propensity to purchase, aviation, and energy.

Finally, make sure to focus on the consumer above all else. Take a second look at your marketing objectives to make sure you are driving more sustainable lifetime value and make sure to always question where the future is leading and where you want to be.

Agata is a writer, editor, and social media marketer living in Los Angeles. She's a former Associate Editor at iMedia Connection and Social Media Manager and Editor of MMX at Modern Marketing Summit. Before that, she worked in the healthcare,...

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