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3 lessons on building your brand

The evolution of a brand can be an inspiring story to hear -- but what does it really take to make it in this digital world? Hearing a brand's origin story is always interesting because no two brands have the same path from origin to success. At thinkLA's Trends Breakfast in Beverly Hills, California, Complex Media founder and chief brand innovator Marc Eckō presented his own story from pharmacy school dropout to founder of a multi-million dollar global corporation.

Convergance culture

One of the topics Eckō brought up was the change in the way young people view themselves. They used to identify with a specific group and exclusively behave in the way dictated by those labels (ex: skaters, jocks, etc.). Now, it's a much more fluid concept. Young people don't want to be boxed into a specific demographic and defined by a narrow set of rules. Understanding this concept is crucial to reaching them as marketers.

Brands as broadcasters

When it comes to building a brand, Eckō says the focus shouldn't be to throw as many ideas at your social media feed as possible. The focus should be on being honest and hitting your brand's core values. You want to stay relevant and true to what your brand is representing, which is difficult to do if you are just repeating what other people are discussing. Be unique and bold and make sure what you are putting out is representative of who you want your brand to be.

Power of passion

Eckō emphasized that passion is the true ingredient behind success. After growing up in a hip hop culture, he connected to graffiti and used that to fuel the evolution of his brand. Creating a company that people connect to takes much more than following a simple formula or taking a class -- it takes a true passion and belief in what you are offering.

Agata is a writer, editor, and social media marketer living in Los Angeles. She's a former Associate Editor at iMedia Connection and Social Media Manager and Editor of MMX at Modern Marketing Summit. Before that, she worked in the healthcare,...

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