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14 marketing trends you should be watching (Infographic)

14 marketing trends you should be watching (Infographic) Matias Perel
Latin3 developed an infographic with the 14 trends to follow in 2014, from new consumer behaviors to native advertising and media technologies.

What should we expect for the rest of this year?

  • As consumers become more aware of the impact of social media, marketing, and technology in their lives and the environment, they get more anxious about how to deal with it. Smart brands like Amazon have turned this into opportunities, and we see more and more campaigns focused on "conscious consumption."

  • Marketers are getting more and more personal, to generate real, engaging relationships with audiences using customized experiences, predictive analytics and optimized segmentation technologies.

  • B2B strategies are more focused on education, content marketing, and native advertising.

  • The Internet of things becomes tangible and we are finally starting to see real multi-device integrated brand experiences, not just mobile-optimized content.

As we go deep into 2014, we will start to see these trends in action. As marketers, our challenge is to make the best out of what is coming and find newer and better opportunities for brands.

You can review the full infographic here.

Board Member at AHAA Founder and CEO at Latin3 As Founder and President of Latin3, Mr. Perel is charged with leading the company while working with clients to help them gain e-strategic advantage in the US Hispanic market and the Latin American...

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