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The new table stakes for shopper marketing

The new table stakes for shopper marketing Lori Luechtefeld
"Omni-channel." Some marketers like to dismiss it as a buzzword -- a lovely idea, but an intangible goal.

But in fact, in the world of shopper marketing, omni-channel is the new table stakes. "Omni-channel is the new consumer minimum," said iMedia Commerce Summit host Dave Knox. "It's what you must do to compete." Addressing attendees during his welcome remarks, the CMO of Rockfish Interactive went on to emphasize the importance of understanding the latest transformations at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. As one example, he noted the recent unveiling of the new Amazon Fire phone -- a device whose core premise focuses on the phone as a shopping vehicle.

Knox also noted that the relationship-building that is at the core of events such as the iMedia Summits ties closely into the future of our industry overall. "The thing that has transformed our industry more over the last few years than anything else is that it's not about being internally focused," he said. Rather, marketing is about building relationships, partnering smartly for the future, and learning from one another and applying those lessons to our own businesses. Only by focusing on relationships can marketers hope to prepare and adapt for the future shopper landscape. Marketers must break down not only silos within their organizations, but also within the industry at large.

"Mobile phone in hand," image via Shutterstock.

Lori Luechtefeld is principal of strategic content firm Wookit Media and an associate at WIT Strategy. In both roles, she works with a network of media and marketing professionals to devise and fulfill on content strategies that connect...

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