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Who is Your Writing Hero?

This was a tweet that I saw today from one of my favorite writers, Guy Kawasaki. It led to a link to his Facebook page where people were writing who were theirs. It made me think about whether or not I had a "favorite". Someone once told me that they hated the idea  of "favorites" because they had one for different circumstances. I kind of agree with that which is why answering the question about my favorite writer was tough. Still, the tweet itself struck me because just last week, I ran into another person that would likely make my list; Seth Godin.

I am the "Chief Storyteller" at SAP and was backstage working with our executives and customers at our annual SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando last week. Seth was a keynote speaker during one of our sessions and I took a moment to tell him that he in fact was one of my favorite writers in large part because his messages were so simple, yet really insightful. I mean, how many of us could write books entitled, "We Are All Weird", "Watcha Gonna Do With that Duck?", "Purple Cow", "Poke the Box", or my favorite, "All Marketers Are Liars"? If one didn't know better you'd think they were children's books..and in some sense they are.

I proceeded to tell Seth about my background and about my current position at SAP, and how during my rather public rough patches, his books kept me focused and more importantly, inspired. Yes, because of the message, but also because of the simple platform and way that he told stories, and in sizes that allowed me to read it in a short plane ride. For me, the connection of the complex to the basics of business is core to my job and my past and future successes. In fact as marketers, aren't we all trying to convey the complex, unruly, and too "techy" concepts to the masses in a way that is interesting and engaging? This might be why both Guy and Seth make my top 10 list.

While I don't claim to have a lot of "favorites" either, the fact that Seth was actually really personable, knew of my story and had kind words for me might have actually made him, my favorite:)

As we embark on the weekend that signifies the start of summer and our summer reading lists, I'd like to know who your "favorite" writers are and why? Share your list for must reads and maybe a bit why those authors inspire you.

Julie Roehm is SVP Marketing, "Chief Storyteller" at SAP. Formerly, as a Marketing Strategy Consultant she served companies in all industries, of all sizes. Her client list includes, Credit Suisse, Time Inc., BIAP, Acxiom, ad agencies, and...

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