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2 ways to screw up innovative marketing execution

2 ways to screw up innovative marketing execution Babs Rangaiah

Launching groundbreaking campaigns on a small scale

Brands need to think globally in every facet of marketing. When creating innovative strategies, campaigns, and new brand tactics, it's tempting to test the waters on a small playing field and then decide if it's worth investing on a larger scale. While small time testing can generate valuable glimpses into the potential success (or lack thereof) of a new campaign, brands need to take bold risks and execute fresh ideas globally, or at least on a large scale within the market it's trying to engage. You'll never truly know the power of a new idea until you've boldly tested it.

Treating mistakes as failures

Innovation comes with inherent risks. Not everything you create is going to be efficient, engaging, or work right off the bat. Managers and directors need to shift their mindset about the repercussions employees receive for mistakes. Obviously, you don't want to set a precedent that failure is unaccountable, but employees who are the "boots on the ground" in innovation and brand invention should operate free of fear that inevitable missteps will be met with consequences. Employers should allow a certain level of flexibility and communicate it clearly to their team. Only then will truly good ideas arise because your employees will not second guess their instincts or be afraid to speak up. Few know more about how to cultivate, create, and execute innovative marketing strategies like Babs Rangaiah, VP of global media innovation & ventures at Unilever. He speaks to iMedia about why launching large scale innovative campaigns and allowing your team to operate free of fear are two big touchpoints of risk-taking success in marketing.

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Article written by David Zaleski, senior media producer at iMedia Connection, and video edited by Brian Waters, associate media producer at iMedia Connection.

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Babs Rangaiah is the VP of global media innovation and ventures for Unilever and is based in the company's U.S. office in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading Unilever's global digital vision and strategy, and works...

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