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Hershey's sweet success and reaching mobile moms

Hershey's sweet success and reaching mobile moms Lucia Davis
Today's case study from Chris Cox, Hershey Company's global digital marketing manager, provided an excellent example of just how powerful digital has gotten. Hershey's purely digital effort, launched in an effort to revamp the 116-year-old brand's image and improve cocoa sales, resulted in factory sales that exceeded expectations by more than 15 percent.

The goals of the purely digital campaign were to be the best in class for chocolate recipes; ensure HK.com was a trusted partner in chocolate recipes; own chocolate dessert recipes on the web; deepen relationship and engagement with consumers; drive sales; increase new visitors; and increase repeat visitors.

Hershey's Cocoa Iconic Recipe promotion, which ran from February to April in 2011, resulted in 34 million media impressions. In addition, cocoa growth exceeded category growth rates. Here are a few more results from the effort:

  • Site visits increased by 20 percent

  • Page views increased by 11 percent

  • Recipe views increased by 24 percent

  • Mobile views increased by 40 percent

  • Time on site increased by 5 percent

Following Cox' presentation was a fascinating insight address from Katie Ford and Adam Kruse. Ford, EVP and managing director at Starcom, began the presentation by revealing that middle class moms are the true early adopters, beating out young men by 14 percent. She also told us that the most important element of a technology to moms is not the design but the purpose: How a device can make things easier and faster for them.

Kruse, Starcom's VP and global director, enforced the idea of moms as early adopters, pointing out that they were talking about Pinterest months before it blew up. He also said that moms have all but abandoned laptops for tablets. Ford then took the floor again to explain how they used these insights to promote Tide Pods. They launched the campaign during the Academy Awards, a known multi-screen event, and partnered with Shazam. The final result was a multi-screen, interactive digital event. The campaign had impressive results, including, but not limited to, a 65 percent engagement rate.

Lucia Davis is a journalist, social media consultant and founder of The Art Bus Project. Previously, she was director of content at Obviously Social. Prior to that position, she served as community editor at PR News after working as...

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