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These Two Twitter Clients Are The Best Conversation Agents for Digital Marketers

These Two Twitter Clients Are The Best Conversation Agents for Digital Marketers Courtney Caldwell
According to a Gartner report titled, “Four Ways in Which Enterprises Use Twitter,” analysts predicted that “by 2011, enterprise microblogging [would] be a standard feature of 80 percent of social software platforms on the market. [And] while other consumer microblogging platforms exist (such as Plurk, Jaiku, and Identi.ca), Twitter [will be] the most popular.”

Fast forward a year later, where 88% of small businesses and 74% of midsized organizations now use Twitter as their social media application of choice. However, marketers do have a preference when choosing their conversation agent.

A Website Magazine report shows that the top three Twitter clients among Web-savvy marketers are TweetDeck (my #1 preference), Tweetie, and HootSuite (my #2):

A recent LinkedIn poll confirms those findings, with 65% choosing TweetDeck and 25% opting for HootSuite:

Additional LinkedIn poll insights:

- 70% of respondents were male

- 30% of CxOs and VPs prefer HootSuite

- 60% of mid-level managers opt for TweetDeck

- 50% of marketers use both TweetDeck and HootSuite

(If you’re undecided about Twitter clients,  Sarah Worsham at Sazbean.com publishes a nice feature-by-feature breakdown of TweetDeck versus HootSuite, and Jarel Remick lists his thoughts in his post, “10 Reasons I’m Switching from TweetDeck to HootSuite.”)

So why are these figures important?

Because they paint a pretty picture as to which Twitter clients are preferred and which favored clients are true conversation agents. My prediction is that by the end of 2011, we’ll see far fewer companies sparring to be the number one Twitter client, with many on Website Magazine’s list being rolled up into another provider’s wheelhouse or disappearing altogether. Just another indicator that the market—and in this case, the marketer--dictates demand.

Which Twitter client do you prefer?

Courtney Caldwell is the Chief Marketing Officer at Sparksfly Technologies. Ms. Caldwell joined Sparksfly in 2014. Previously, she served as Vice President of Marketing for Marketing Advocate, a through-partner marketing automation software...

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