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Why video on demand is a marketer's dream

Why video on demand is a marketer's dream Chloe Della Costa
Comcast's Marcien Jenckes gave attendees a unique window into the benefits of video on demand this morning at the iMedia Video Summit in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. In his keynote address with host Jack Myers, Jenckes focused on "Trends & Opportunities in Multi-Platform Video," but his commentary regarding video on demand was particularly compelling. Jenckes highlighted that video on demand has an advantage for marketers because users choose to actively engage with the content, whereas live TV is often just on in the background. Thus, an advertisement goes a lot further with each viewer and has great opportunities for personalization.

We still have yet to discover the full potential of what Jenckes called "timeless TV." This could include any content that isn't traditional live TV programming, such as video on demand or digital content aggregated from online sources. Increasingly we are seeing video move into this space of anytime-viewing, even with traditional TV series from the major networks, as more and more viewers are moving online and to screens other than the TV. But as Jenckes reminds us, TV still holds great weight and continues to evolve with the rest of the industry. And video on demand has become a valuable, and perhaps greatly overlooked, opportunity for today's marketers.

"Young businessman with computer sitting on the cloud" image via Shutterstock.


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