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65% of Shoppers Use Social Media to Find Perfect Gift

65% of Shoppers Use Social Media to Find Perfect Gift Anna Kassoway
It goes without saying that social media has infiltrated most aspects of our everyday lives, from the way we keep in touch with friends, to the way we shop.

Here at Crowdtap, we wanted to understand how peer influence & social media have changed the way we discover and shop for holiday gifts, specifically. To gather insights on what influences holiday purchase decisions, we used our collaborative social marketing platform to poll ~1,400 men and women on the topic.

As soon as the polls closed, our suspicions that social media plays a key role in holiday gift purchase and discovery were confirmed. A whopping 67% of shoppers purchased a gift they found on social media and 64.8% of shoppers use social media to find the perfect gift. Peer recommendations on social media also came in strong as both the leading driver of purchase and the key driver of gift discovery.

To review the rest of our findings, check out our full infographic below.

Beginning her career at Grey Advertising (Beyond Interactive), Anna offers over 15 years of digital ad industry experience, including 5 years in executive management positions.Prior to joining Crowdtap, Anna served as the SVP of Global Marketing at...

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