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Original web programming premiered at iMedia's Video Summit

Kyle Montero
Original web programming premiered at iMedia's Video Summit Kyle Montero
Last night, at the iMedia Video Summit in San Antonio, Texas, Paul Kontonis, VP/Group Director, Brand Content, The Third Act at Digitas, gave attendees a preview of the exciting new original programming coming to the web. Not only is the digital content groundbreaking, but also the amount of investment pouring in to finance the online video creativity. Media giants Hulu and YouTube have both shelled out $100 million for new digital programming.

According Robert Kyncl, YouTube VP in charge of content, "Our $100 million is just a catalyst, a message that says the big channel or show of the future is not going to be the channel or show of today.” And he is right, as the phrase "television show" or "television channel" is currently being transformed by the new collaborations of Silicon Valley and Hollywood, as video developers strive to create the best content for this budding industry. Yet, big-time players aren’t the only ones creating video destined for online audiences, as innovative small timers are getting in on the action as well. And, advertisers are catching on, as 3.1 billion dollars are estimated to be invested in online video advertising in 2012. Buy, according to many, this sum is just the tip of the monetary iceberg.

The following presentation highlights allow those unable to make the journey to Texas to become digital attendees of the iMedia Video Summit. Check out these images from Paul Kontonis' presentation, as he offers a sneak peek into the online video revolution happening in the near future. And the future is full of excitement, as 100 million Americans power up their laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. to watch some online video content daily. These images are only the beginning.

Image from "The Breachers" video:

Image from "Squaresville" video:

Image from "Odessa" video:

Image from "Hulu Presents" video:

Insert from "MyDamnChannel live" video:

Kyle Montero


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