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Busiest Holiday Shopping Days in December

Busiest Holiday Shopping Days in December David Shim
Retail metrics during the holiday season are typically focused on aggregations like overall retail sales are down 0.7% year over year, or activity on Black Friday, Super Saturday, or Christmas Eve was above or below last years numbers.  While this macro level of reporting is interesting, it is limiting in terms of competitive insights and actionablity.

Placed recently released its Holiday Shopping Insights providing in-store activity reporting down to the retailer.  As part of this analysis, Placed looked at the busiest days for some of the largest retailers in the US including Walmart, Target, Toys 'R' Us, Macy's, Best Buy, and Kohl's.

Holiday Shopping - Busiest Retail Days

This analysis highlights that a single days performance does not make or break a retailer's Christmas.  Rather these insights highlight consumers' retail preferences are variable based on time of year.  For example, Target's busiest day was Christmas Eve, while for Best Buy is was December 22nd.  The ability to look past macro retail trends and dive into retailer level insights enables marketers to react in season to offline behaviors of consumers.

As consumers retail preferences change based on time to Christmas, marketers are able to leverage consumer behaviors to drive incremental sales.  The ebbs and flows in terms of relative in-store visits were incredibly diverse across the last week in December (Super Saturday, Christmas Eve, and Day After Christmas).  Only American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret made the top five in these three days, while the rest of retailers were unique.  American Eagle was also the highest ranked retailer for Black Friday.

Relative Gains - December Shopping Days

David Shim is the Founder and CEO of Placed, the leader in location analytics.  By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed has created a new class of analytics focused on location.  Prior to Placed, David has held leadership roles in product, marketing, and operations at Quantcast, WebTrends, Farecast, and Razorfish.

David Shim is the Founder and CEO of Placed (http://www.placed.com), a location analytics company.  By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Placed has created a new class of analytics focused on location.  Prior to Placed, David has...

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