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Mandel, Maria

AT&T knew what it was doing when it stole Maria Mandel from Oglivy earlier this year, to take on the role of VP, media & marketing innovation. With her extensive and distinguished advertising background, Mandel brings with her a unique perspective on what marketers are looking for in the digital space. And Mandel knew the advantage for her as well -- with AT&T's enormous source of data from 150 million customers, she is now poised to deliver -- at scale -- "cutting-edge media opportunities, hyper-targeting, and advanced tracking  to sophisticated advertisers and brands, according to Mobile Marketer.

At Oglivy, Mandel was senior partner, executive director of digital innovation and founder of the NA Digital Lab. She has consulted across the Ogilvy group of agencies on emerging communication platforms, such as mobile marketing, gaming, digital out-of-home, social media, and advanced TV.

Mandel is the North American chair of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), as well a founding member of the AAAA's Mobile Committee. She is also on the ECHO Board of Governors at the DMA, and serves as a judge for the IAB's MIXX Awards. She has received over 35 industry awards, including three Echo awards and seven Caples. She has been featured in many leading industry publications, and has contributed to a number of trade journals and publications.

Mandel is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, and is currently an adjunct professor of marketing at NYU's Stern Business School, where she teaches a course in digital marketing.

Follow Maria Mandel on Twitter at @MariaMandel

Maria heads up marketing for AT&T’s Advanced Ad Solutions and leads the media innovation team which is charged with building new advertising offerings across AT&T’s mobile, broadband, IPTV, targeted online display and search...

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