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The Future of the Network

"Traditional" TV networks are combining with the leading networks of digital video distribution to a greater degree to ensure their programming reaches their audience when they're ready to view it. And digital video networks are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in their own episodic programming and creating channels of programming to appeal to a broad swath of the viewing public. Join this panel of senior executives representing a number of the leading digital video networks as they discuss their evolution of the TV network and their companies' roles in this exciting evolution.

Panelists: Kevin Doohan, Machinima; Kevin McGurn, Hulu; Janee Poore, Google/YouTube; Randy Shaffer, Microsoft Corporation; and Ezra Palmer, eMarketer (moderator).

Kevin Doohan is currently the CMO of DTS, Inc. Most recently, Doohan was EVP, marketing at Machinima, the leading video entertainment network for young men. In this role, Doohan oversees the marketing function including brand marketing, public...

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