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Web TV Without Apology: Digital Content NewFronts 2013

Web TV Without Apology: Digital Content NewFronts 2013 Seneca Mudd

The week underscores the primacy of web originals as an essential marketing channel for sight, sound and motion advertisers. Presenting organizations will reveal the coming slate of original programs designed to appeal to a diverse audience base. With increasing audience migration to digital platforms, original web productions offer compelling integrated marketing opportunities in a medium known for innovation. The IAB is responsible for organizing this year's NewFronts. Join Seneca Mudd, who is the association's point man for the NewFronts, as he brings you up to speed. Lean in, turn on, tweet out.

Seneca Mudd is director of industry initiatives for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the trade association for digital communications, where he oversees digital video, interactive television, networks & exchanges and multicultural...

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