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Case Study: The 'Burning Love' Story

Case Study: The 'Burning Love' Story Erin McPherson

Called 'ridiculously awesome' (Buzz Sugar), one of the 'top ten moments' (Rolling Stone) and 'hilarious' (Entertainment Weekly), the comedic spoof of reality dating TV shows is one of the rare series to have made the transition from web to television. In February 2013, its first season premiered on E! concurrent to its second season debuting on Yahoo! Screen.

Panelists: Erin McPherson, Yahoo! Media Network; Amy Powell, Insurge Pictures & Paramount Digital Entertainment; Kelley Train, PHD; and Jason Haikara, MediaLink (moderator).

Erin McPherson leads the video business for the Yahoo Media Network, which is comprised of the U.S. consumer-facing media sites on Yahoo.com, including news, sports, finance, the entertainment sites and Yahoo’s new video destination, Yahoo...

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