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5 questions to ask about multi-screen video campaigns

5 questions to ask about multi-screen video campaigns iMedia Editors

Marketers have to start facing their fears when it comes to multi-screen video advertising. Juggling desktop and mobile browsers, video codecs, Flash, HTML5, IAB standards, and a host of other challenges is surely intimidating. So what questions are the most important to ask about your multi-screen video campaigns? Dan Mouradian and Tamara Weinstein tackled this question during their PointRoll Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Video Summit in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

PointRoll's technology platform and products enable advertisers, agencies, and publishers to easily create, manage, deliver, and measure multi-screen advertising. The company offers digital ad products including video, mobile, rich media, social, standard display, and emerging formats, across all digital screens.

During the PointRoll Spotlight presentation, Dan Mouradian, technical creative director, and Tamara Weinstein, sales director, shared the questions you should ask providers to ensure they truly understand how to create, deliver, and measure your multi-screen video campaigns. Mouradian and Weinstein highlighted the fear and uncertainty that can come with tackling multiple screens, and engaged summit attendees with the following five questions marketers should ask:


What is your upfront strategy?

Thinking about your upfront strategy is key, and don't forget about the importance of knowing your audience.

What is your creative?

When it comes to creative, think about which message is appropriate for each screen. One major decision you have to make is whether to repurpose existing content or create new, original work for each screen. According to a study by YuMe on "Creative Best Practices in Online Video Advertising," web originals almost always outperform repurposed content from TV.

What technology do you need?

Codecs, browsers, and the myriad technology options can make you feel like running for the hills. This is why it's essential to find out what your particular needs are for each campaign.

How do you measure and optimize?

The most popular KPIs for video include completion rates, social shares, impressions, clicks, and more. Short-form video content tends to mean higher completion rates, although longer form content has its place when appropriate and -- according to the YuMe study -- adding interactive elements often helps increase brand favorability.

Can you do this at scale?

This year, 75 percent of internet users will watch at least one video per month. As video consumption increases across all devices, don't forget about the importance of scale.

Mouradian and Weinstein also noted that for smaller clients, targeting is a marketer's best friend. Therefore, it would be wise to leverage audience data to focus your efforts as much as possible.

With these key considerations in mind, you will be on your way to a successful multi-screen campaign. There is definitely a lot of uncertainty with multi-screen video advertising, but PointRoll reminds us that if you ask the right questions, you will be well on your way to success.

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