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Convergence of Broadcast TV & Digital Video: The Evolution of Ad Buying Models

Convergence of Broadcast TV & Digital Video: The Evolution of Ad Buying Models Adam Gerber

What are the challenges and opportunities buyers and sellers are faced with as they seek to craft multi-platform deals? What are the ramifications for measuring valuing viewership and how are rate structures being affected? Who owns the buy for cross platform programs on the client/agency side; the traditional or digital side. These are just some of the challenging issues our panelists will tackle during this session.

Panelists: Adam Gerber, ABC Television Networks; Jeanne Hanahan, Mattel, Inc.; Jeff Minsky, OMD; and Lee Doyle, Mindshare (moderator).

Adam Gerber is VP, sales development and marketing for the ABC Television Network. He was named to this position in March 2011 and reports to Dan Longest, SVP, ABC sales marketing. Gerber leads a team supporting the ABC sales organization focused on...

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