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Keynote: Trends & Opportunities in Multi-Platform Video

Keynote: Trends & Opportunities in Multi-Platform Video Marcien Jenckes

This new world has impacted the media ecosystem and challenged how programming gets monetized and promoted. Timeless viewing is also creating new trends and opportunities to further leverage and monetize viewing platforms. Mr. Jenckes will discuss the opportunities this dynamic presents for advertisers, marketers and programmers, and the new technologies that are emerging across platforms, including Video On Demand, online, and through apps on tablets, connected TVs and game consoles that enable marketers to effectively reach more fragmented audiences. He'll also cover what's in store for the future of entertainment, and what that means for the industry and consumers.

Marcien Jenckes serves as SVP and GM, video services for Comcast. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of Comcast’s video business, which serves Xfinity TV customers. He leads the team rolling out the X1 Platform, a cloud-enabled...

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