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How L'Oreal is advancing omni-channel campaigns

How L'Oreal is advancing omni-channel campaigns Franchesca Nguyen

Not only is the digital advertising space changing for marketers, but also for the consumers that are being targeted by creative outreach. In this exclusive Q&A with Julia Mavrodin, we'll take a deep dive into how L'Oreal Luxe Division has advanced in this era of omni-channel campaigns with the creation and launch of its first dedicated e-commerce brand, em michelle phan.

Q: What is L'Oreal doing differently from other cosmetic brands in terms of new product launches in the creative space?

A: What sets L'Oreal apart is we approach a product launch from every angle. Once the main campaign idea is finalized, every touchpoint is customized to ensure flawless communication whether it be on site, social media, display, or email marketing. Since every consumer doesn't approach a brand in the same way, it's imperative that you give her the opportunity to experience a new product in whatever space she wants, as she will likely need several impressions across different medium before the idea takes hold.

We also create the most engaging content we can when it comes to a product launch. Content has become such a buzzword, but without engagement, it's lost on the consumer. The consumer needs to feel like the product that's being launched is being made especially for them, and it's up to us to create that relationship with the customer with not just good but relevant content.

Q: Evolving consumer behaviors online help shape future trends. How does L'Oreal anticipate behaviors to stay ahead of the curve?

A: L'Oreal is always looking at the macro picture in the consumer world to understand the current challenges or needs that are out there and how we can be there to help. Time is always a scarce commodity for our consumers, so when we create "look" videos using our products, we take it a step further by making our videos shoppable. This way, the consumer doesn't have to take the extra step to purchase our product on a separate page after watching the video. We've combined two steps to make it even easier and more efficient for her to explore and transact.

Q: In your opinion, what is your biggest challenge in keeping current in the digital space?

A: The biggest challenge in keeping current is the sheer pace of change of technology. Consumers can adopt changing technologies much faster than large corporations, so it's always a challenge to adopt, integrate, and execute a current trend for the long term. We find ourselves doing a lot of beta testing with a specific campaign of new technologies to see if it's something that our consumers will adopt. If they don't use it, we don't invest in adopting it for the long term.

Q: What are examples of omni-channel done right? What campaigns do you find inspiring?

A: Omni-channel done right should lead customers across media seamlessly. One should be able to explore a campaign from any medium without being pushed in a specific direction. Under Armour's new campaign featuring Misty Copeland is one of the most inspiring campaigns to come out in a long time. The idea of empowering women in such a visually strong way really resonated across consumers and all channels, causing the campaign to go viral. UA also made the campaign accessible and shareable, which added to its success.

Franchesca Nguyen is content/marketing specialist at iMedia.

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"Close-up Of A Young Woman On Couch Using Digital Tablet" image via Shutterstock.


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