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Digital media's effect on consumer behavior

Digital media's effect on consumer behavior iMedia Editors

In today's changing media landscape, next-generation tools will include smart media that you learn from and use to inform your next campaign, resulting in a more engaged audience.

At the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, Ed Haslam, the SVP of marketing at PlaceIQ, discussed how physical and digital behaviors are now linked through mobile. From these interactions, you can gain deeper consumer insights and use this information for future campaigns.

PlaceIQ's Consumer Insights Platform

PlaceIQ's Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) charts a comprehensive behavioral analysis of consumers across time and space. The CIP Analytics dashboard encompasses campaign metrics, audience analytics, and responsive maps. The dashboard:

  • Calculates Place Visit Rate (PVR)
    Did the person go where you wanted him or her to go? This real-world foot traffic metric measures how successful your mobile ads were in driving audiences to a specific location.

  • Creates an advanced analytics graph
    The audience analytics graph will show the preferences and traits of your converted (those that showed up to the lot) and exposed (those that were showed a campaign ad) audiences.

  • Creates a campaign impressions map
    You can use the interactive impressions map to see the success of impressions in a specific location.

  • Visualizes PlaceIQ's base map data
    The base map calculates a probability score of finding your audiences in a specific tile on the interactive tile map.

Luxury automobile case study

In a case study on driving luxury auto buyers to a dealership, the client targeted dealership lots and audiences looking for a new luxury vehicle. It also targeted previous visitors of its own dealership lots. PlaceIQ's results showed the following:

  • Consumers exposed to general mobile media about luxury cars were 3.4 times more likely to visit the dealership over the control group.

  • Consumers who had previously been observed at a Lexus dealership were 330 times more likely to visit a luxury car dealership after seeing a luxury car ad than the control group.

In addition to the results above, PlaceIQ also uncovered the below consumer insights:

  • The consumers that showed up were likely to do cross-shopping at Hyundai dealers, which is another touch point the client can consider.

  • The consumers are health-conscious and 7 times more likely to shop at Whole Foods than the average shopper.

  • The most common demographic in the data was bilingual, Hispanic individuals from affluent, family-oriented households. The client can use this information to choose where to run future ads.

Using the PlaceIQ CIP Analytics not only gives you feedback that is easy to understand and apply to future campaigns, but it also gives you a foundation for product modeling, brand planning, competitive understanding, and prioritizing inventory. The future of media will be well within reach.

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