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Native: The future of mobile advertising

Native: The future of mobile advertising iMedia Editors

With consumers always on the go, the task of reaching and engaging them has rapidly evolved. When everyone has a mobile device, how do you create native advertising that stands out and creates a truly interactive experience?

In a Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, CA, Rich Sutton, CRO, North America, at MailOnline, shared the results of recent research that found native advertising to be a key driver in advertisers' use of mobile as a platform for brand messaging.

Sutton, author of the ANA book "Best Practices in Branded Entertainment," said that the first question he asked himself when the concept of "native advertising" arose a few years ago was, "Aren't we just talking about branded entertainment here?" But the further he delved into the topic, the more he realized the two were not one and the same. 

While a lot of industry observers claim that the "year of mobile" has come and gone, Sutton pointed out that 2014 is certainly the year that people are pouring real money into the platform. Mobile advertising, in terms of quality and standards, still has a long way to go. But, Sutton said, MailOnline's own research indicates that native advertising is going to be one of the key forces driving brand advertising on mobile.

In a March 2014 survey of more than 120 senior brand marketers at agencies and client brands, MailOnline found that respondents are finding mobile campaigns to be equally effective for branding as they are for direct response. More than half reported mobile advertising as being effective in raising brand favorability, and 53 percent said mobile was a useful way to increase purchase intent.

Among respondents, already nearly 60 percent had employed native advertising programs. Two-thirds of those using native had executed their campaigns on mobile. Furthermore, these marketers reported overwhelmingly positive results with such campaigns.

Survey respondents indicated the following as the key advantages of native on mobile:

  • Higher brand visibility

  • Greater engagement

  • Cost effectiveness

  • More viral potential

  • In-depth messaging

"Native is this effective on mobile, and we're still in the early days," Sutton noted. As such, he noted, marketers should expect to see native ads at the forefront of the mobile advertising revolution.

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