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Complexity, confusion, and chaos: The story of our industry

Complexity, confusion, and chaos: The story of our industry Babs Rangaiah

Marketers live in a strange time. On the one hand technology has broadened the limits of what is possible in an unprecedented way. On the other hand, this evolution has happened so quickly that the industry can't keep up. The old ways of marketing are dying quickly and it's forcing companies to adapt, innovate, and change rapidly. The climate is forcing new solution providers to be born, and for those who already exist to greatly expand the bounds of what they offer. Add to the mix the place of agencies: Where does the agency model fit in all of this? Are they still the middleman, or has their context evolved? What is the most efficient way for these players to navigate this confusing landscape?

It's time to admit that things are broken. It's actually become harder for companies to innovate, not easier. Why? Because there's no streamlined way to execute a new idea given the complexity, confusion, and chaos in the industry. It's incredibly hard to get the ball rolling on new ideas in the first place even before the marketer is forced to navigate the sea of vendors, solutions, and technology they will need. There are a ton of new opportunities for innovation, but with it comes so much clutter and unknown pieces that it makes it very hard for good ideas to be executed. The industry must streamline its moving parts to create clear paths forward for creative professionals. It's the Wild West right now, but it doesn't need to be.

Babs Rangaiah, VP of global media innovation & ventures at Unilever speaks to iMedia about his presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit and why the overwhelming complexity in the industry is stifling creative marketing execution.

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Article written by David Zaleski, senior media producer at iMedia Connection and videos edited by Brian Waters, associate media producer at iMedia Connection.

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Babs Rangaiah is the VP of global media innovation and ventures for Unilever and is based in the company's U.S. office in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading Unilever's global digital vision and strategy, and works...

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