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How Upper Deck stays ahead of the game

How Upper Deck stays ahead of the game Franchesca Nguyen

Q: Evolving consumer behaviors on- and offline shape future trends. How does Upper Deck anticipate behaviors to stay ahead in 2015?

A: For Upper Deck, it is really about knowing where our customers are, their habits, and then working to share exciting content with them there. Like most companies, our customers are very active, talking about our products on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms. We try to do a lot of social listening to be able to repurpose that content and really let them tell the story of our brand.

Q: What are examples of omni-channel done right? What campaigns do you find inspiring?

A: I think it is really tricky these days to tie everything together and have consistent messaging because on every platform you really talk to customers a little bit differently. I enjoyed hearing about L'Oreal's campaign at a recent iMedia summit, in particular using Michelle Phan, a popular vlogger, to focus much of its campaign around. It seemed to come together really nicely. I also loved Chicken of the Sea's "100 Years of Good" initiative, which showed that by doing good in a coordinated campaign, you can increase revenue and market share.

Q: What platforms do you find most successful in targeting the right consumer?

A: It's interesting because we make a variety of products. Our sports cards do best on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our authenticated memorabilia does well on Instagram. Our Marvel cards get a lot of buzz on Twitter and Tumblr. And our Hello Kitty cards do great on Pinterest. I guess that's it, though -- know where your customers are most active, and be there.

Franchesca Nguyen is content/marketing specialist at iMedia Communications.

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"Success and winning concept" image via Shutterstock.


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