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iMedia Podcast: Mobile Marketing

iMedia Podcast: Mobile Marketing John Hadl

The growth numbers for the mobile market are phenomenal: total U.S. mobile subscribers will steadily increase from 172 million in 2004 to 212 million in 2009. Marketers are excited but confused about how large a part of the budget mobile should play and what goals can realistically be achieved.

John Hadl, managing director at Quigley-Simpson, speaks to Summit attendees on mobile marketing. Quigley-Simpson is a full-service brand response advertising agency whose clients include Procter & Gamble Warner Brothers, Visa and Ameriquest Home Mortgage.

Hadl is known for his stance that the most important and effective use of mobile is its ability to act as a response mechanism and media measurement tool for traditional media channels. In this presentation, Hadl reveals the following:

  • Creative opportunities in the mobile space -- what works, what does not

  • Why mobile should not be considered a revenue driver but rather a data collector, response mechanism and media measurement tool

  • Results and key conclusions from a study conducted on 1,844 SMS campaigns in the United States in the past two years.

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John Hadl, managing director, Quigley-Simpson Interactive

43:21, 29.7 MB, MP3

John Hadl is a partner at US Venture Partners, a 30 year old Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Over the last 10 years, Hadl has been an angel investor, board member, adviser or consultant to numerous mobile, digital advertising and e-commerce...

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