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Podcast: Consumer Engagement

Podcast: Consumer Engagement Bob DeSena

We've finally moved beyond simply measuring the number of people that see an ad to understanding how viewers are actually interacting with it. Engagement is being defined as the new currency for advertising ROI. As consumer-empowered media grows stronger, engagement becomes a better metric for assessing advertising effectiveness than exposure and frequency. It is also gaining popularity because it comes from the consumer's point of view, not that of a particular medium.

Industry organizations, such as the Advertising Research Foundation, the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, are working diligently to precisely define engagement, lay out frameworks and perform validation projects.

Later this year, Simmons Market Research will launch the Multi-Media Involvement Study that will offer a syndicated measurement system that provides ratings of the qualitative and emotional value of consumers' involvement with media and how those involvement levels impact brand advertising. It will cover TV (both broadcast and cable), print and internet.

"There are so many media now that consumers control access," said Bob DeSena, chief executive officer of the Engagement Marketing Group. "It's much more about finding a way to talk to them as individuals. Engagement has a psychological component, but it will manifest behaviorally-- it will lead to an action."

It's becoming evident that no single executive or organization has the ability to determine final meanings and implications; everyone who develops advertising must contribute. At the ANA conference, Kate Sirkin, executive vice president and global research director at Starcom MediaVest Group, said partnerships with media sellers are vital. The adoption of engagement as a metric, she said, is "something that is going to be done as a partnership."

Today, Bob DeSena, one of the most outspoken and proactive marketers on the subject of engagement, Simmons Market Research's Ken Wollenberg and Starcom MediaVest's Kate Sirkin will discuss their new approaches and the impact they will have on your business.

Bob DeSena has launched a new business, the Engagement Marketing Group, which focuses on developing new ways to measure consumer engagement across all forms of media. DeSena is a key member of the M14 Committee that was formed by the AAAA, Association of National Advertisers and the Advertising Research Foundation to define engagement and the best metrics relevant to engagement. Prior to the Engagement Marketing Group, DeSena was responsible for direct-to-consumer marketing for all of Masterfoods U.S. brands. 

Ken Wollenberg directs a rapidly expanding division that specializes in advanced analytics of transactional databases and traditional research databases. The Simmons Integrated Marketing Solutions Division (SIMS) consists of a Statistical Sciences Unit, a Custom Research Unit and an Advanced Analytics Solutions Team. Wollenberg oversees Simmons' innovative segmentation systems, such as Television BehaviorGraphicsTM, Shopper BehaviorGraphicsTM, Tipping Point Segments and Simmons' new Waistband Segments, based on consumers' Body Mass Index. In addition, he is responsible for driving Simmons' Marketing, Communications and Strategic Development activities..

Kate Sirkin oversees a massive worldwide budget, as she manages emerging media trends, data and support for SMG clients, initiates proprietary studies and acts as the company's voice on critical media issues. She and her staff have been recognized by clients for their ability to translate raw data into the kinds of insights that help them build their brands and business. Sirkin's role provides her the opportunity to develop strategic alliances with key players in the industry. A native of England, she joined Leo Burnett's London office in 1988 as a media researcher.

Note: Our podcast theme was written by Derek K. Miller. Visit him online at penmachine.com.

Bob DeSena has been a change agent for over twenty years.  He has wide ranging management and strategic experience, having held senior management and marketing positions with both client and advertising agency organizations.  As Managing...

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