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Connect with Customers on Their Terms

Connect with Customers on Their Terms Maria Mandel

Today consumers are creating and expressing their identity, engaging with others, and connecting to brands for entertainment, information and shared life experiences. Empowered, busy consumers with a multitude of choices cannot be pitched or easily persuaded. They now expect to be engaged. How can marketers involve and interact with consumers on their terms?  What are the roles of new marketing practices and technologies such as digital video, mobile, gaming, digital OOH and TV?

In a world where what was TV is now video everywhere, where print is simply text, and where outdoor is stationary wireless, what are the most effective vehicles for building a brand and developing a relationship? In this consumer-controlled world, where personalized, on-demand content and context reign, what are the most promising channels for distributing branded content? With the video game industry hitting a record high with sales of over $12.5 billion last year, what's the next generation of gaming and how do brands leverage this channel? And with 229mm mobile subscribers in the U.S. market, mobile services are quickly evolving into the next big media channel. How do you leverage this medium for branding, promotional and CRM goals?

Maria Mandel is is currently partner, executive director of digital innovation at OgilvyInteractive. .

Maria heads up marketing for AT&T’s Advanced Ad Solutions and leads the media innovation team which is charged with building new advertising offerings across AT&T’s mobile, broadband, IPTV, targeted online display and search...

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