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From gaming console to entertainment console

From gaming console to entertainment console Jeff Minsky

According to eMarketer data, video-game advertising is a $400 million category this year and is expected to grow during the next five years at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 23 percent.

HD downloads and rumors of Netflix through XBOX 360, web browsers in Nintendo Wii and PS3, virtual worlds integrated into gaming systems and connected consoles enabling global game play -- today's advanced consoles are not solely for playing games, but have taken over as the master control center for today's living room entertainment experience. Listen to industry luminaries discuss the role that this will have on traditional media consumption, and learn about the current state of in-game advertising.
Topics covered will include:

  • Ad sizes and standards available

  • Dynamic insertion vs. product integration

  • What products make sense and what doesn't make sense in a videogame

  • Stats and figures of usage of non-game elements

  • A glimpse into the future of each console and what opportunities marketers may have as the consoles further evolve.

Jeff Minsky is director, emerging media at OMD Ignition Factory, bringing education and guidance to clients navigating the tumultuous waters of the transition from an analog linear media world to a fragmented digital, interactive media world. Minsky...

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