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Peter Horan on email's role in the future of advertising

Peter Horan on email's role in the future of advertising Joe Kutchera

In May, Peter Horan took the helm as the new CEO of Goodmail Systems. An industry veteran with decades of leadership experience, Horan joined the company following a 16-month stint as CEO of IAC Media and Advertising, where he oversaw big-name industry properties including Evite, Pronto, Citysearch and Ask.com.

Experienced in leading both start-ups and industry powerhouses, Horan previously served as president and CEO of AllBusiness.com. Prior to that, he was president and CEO of About.com Inc. -- up until its $410 million sale to the New York Times Company in 2005 -- and CEO of venture-funded DevX Inc.

In a presentation at

Joe Kutchera is the director of Spanish-language markets at ContextWeb Inc., a leading contextual advertising company and operator of the ADSDAQ Exchange.

Joe Kutchera is the founder and managing partner of Latino Link Advisors where he advise clients on how to best develop content and digital marketing strategies, with an emphasis in Hispanic/Latin American markets. He worked with Flipboard on...

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Commenter: Timothy Dahl

2008, August 18

Great interview! I like the sled ride in the dark analogy but I don't think that everything past is completely irrelevant. New techniques and strategies are often built from those that fail and it's best to learn from our mistakes.