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Doohan, Kevin

To say that Kevin Doohan leads digital marketing strategy for Red Bull is to say a lot. We're talking websites, social media, email, mobile, gaming, display, and search advertising -- if you can click on it, he handles it. The internal and external teams Doohan manages are tasked with creating outstanding consumer experiences that connect people around the globe -- experiences as eye-opening and stimulating as the Red Bull brand products themselves. That's no small charge, no matter how you slice it.

Fortunately for Red Bull, Doohan -- who joined the company in December 2008 -- has a demonstrated track record of coordinating multi-faceted, cutting-edge digital efforts. Prior to joining Red Bull, Doohan served as director of interactive marketing at ConAgra Foods, where he led all digital marketing -- from strategy through production -- for more than 30 consumer brands, including Slim Jim, Chef Boyardee, Orville Redenbacher's, Healthy Choice, and many more. Of particular note is Doohan's work on Healthy Choice's innovative "Working Lunch" campaign, a branded entertainment experience that gave more than 3 million consumers the opportunity to interact with live improv comedy sketches online.

Kevin is the perfect interactive marketer. He knows and loves the industry, has tremendous creativity and enthusiasm, and is a great communicator. The first time I saw Kevin he was presenting at a conference -- I knew right away that he was a star."

  • Crystal Gurin

  • VP, eMarketer

From 1997 to 2004, Doohan held marketing leadership roles at Digital Insight (an Intuit company) and Cendant Corp. At Digital Insight, he launched several first-in-industry consumer marketing programs that drove growth and retention among millions of consumers on Digital Insight's ASP online banking platform. At Cendant, he recruited and led the team that designed Move.com, a leading internet real estate portal.

Beyond his impressive resume, Doohan's reputation as a passionate and dedicated digital marketer is well established among his peers. (Just ask any one of the dozens of professionals who have enthusiastically endorsed him on LinkedIn.) A regular speaker at leading industry conferences in past years, Doohan never hesitates to share his latest insights and visions with the broader industry, be it via Twitter at @kdoohan or his personal blog at KevinDoohan.com.

Kevin Doohan is currently the CMO of DTS, Inc. Most recently, Doohan was EVP, marketing at Machinima, the leading video entertainment network for young men. In this role, Doohan oversees the marketing function including brand marketing, public...

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