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Scheppach, Tracey

It's Tracey Scheppach's job to understand this world of constant innovation in online video and grasp how those changes affect consumer behavior, their response to advertising and where marketers fit into the equation. No small feat by any stretch of the imagination. In her position at Starcom MediaVest Group, Scheppach keeps a close eye on all advanced video contact points and strives to obtain better information to enhance the agency's media plans for its clients.

Tracey Scheppach combines both knowledge and the ability to make programs regarding the future of media become tangible. By combining innovation, passionate leadership, and open partnering, Tracey is moving the industry forward at a time of great change and potential."

  • Rishad Tobaccowala

  • CEO at Denuo

She leads Starcom's Video Innovation Group and Starcom MediaVest Group Exchange's Advanced Media Center of Excellence, wherein she is charged with determining best practices and standards for emerging media technologies. Scheppach has been a vocal industry advocate for the freeing and widespread use of nationwide set-top box data to provide businesses with a much improved perspective on actual viewing behaviors.

Scheppach is also one of the founders of the VivaKi program known as The Pool -- a far-reaching industry research initiative to develop new advertising formats on emerging platforms. She is also a member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies Digital Video Innovation committee, and sits on the advisory board at Google's TV Measurement unit and Invidi.

Scheppach came to Starcom MediaVest Group after serving as vice president of programming and research at OpenTV.

You can follow Tracey on Twitter at @scheppach


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