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Gleeson, Renny

Renny Gleeson is a self-described "entrepreneurial geek," who traces his earliest work in interactive to his childhood in the 1970s, when he got his first TRS-80 RadioShack microcomputer.

Today, Gleeson is the go-to interactive strategist inside Wieden + Kennedy, which means he's pretty much responsible for educating the agency and its clients on whatever comes next in interactive. According to Gleeson, that means a strong focus on mobility, gaming, software as culture, physical computing, and every flavor of social. But since we live in a world where technology changes so fast (and those changes can come from any direction), Gleeson co-founded P.I.E, the Portland Incubator Experiment.

P.I.E is best understood as an ongoing experimental collaboration between Wieden + Kennedy and tech entrepreneurs. It aims to do three things: innovate business models and create tech-fueled cultural disruptions, build platforms rather than one-off ventures, and act as a tech-entrepreneur accelerator and social hub. To date, Gleeson's 2009 brainchild has helped five startups gain funding and two others find buyers. The current class of startups will benefit from P.I.E.'s partnerships with Coke, Target, and Google.

Over the years, Gleeson has worked as a video game designer and as a marketer for the NBA. He has also worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, where he helped found its New York interactive practice, as well as Carat Fusion/Isobar, where he served as a managing director.

To get a sense of Gleeson's style and just how he picks apart the intersection of technology and culture, check out this quick presentation he gave at TED.


Gleeson tweets at @rgleeson.

Renny Gleeson has been interactive since he got his TRS-80 RadioShack microcomputer in the ’70s. He’s worked all sides of the interactive marketing space—from client, to agency, to publishing/sales—beginning his...

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