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Emerick, Susan

Leading a number of IBM's transformational workforce initiatives, Susan Emerick and her team are helping to reshape the company's workforce to engage in the digital age by encouraging employees to share their expertise through social media. Since many IBM employees are early adopters, Emerick and her team focus on creating programs that help IBMers become more targeted and efficient with their social media outreach. It's a process Emerick began back in 2008, playing a key role in creating the C.O.R.E  (Cross functional, On-going Research & Engagement) social marketing practice in partnership with the company's Market Insights team. The initiative was based on the idea of social listening, something that wasn't necessarily in vogue in 2008. But over time, C.O.R.E has paid big dividends for IBM, helping the brand engage customers in new ways and earning the marketing team a 2010 SAMMY (social advertising, media and marketing) for "Best Socialized Business." 

Prior to joining IBM in 1996, Emerick held positions at the Handleman Company, Gale Research, and Comerica Bank. She began her career by working at two advertising agencies: Campbell Ewald, where she worked on the Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lens account; and Eric Mower & Associates, where she worked on the Endicott Johnson Shoe account.

Emerick enjoys sharing her expertise with -- and socializing with -- other marketing professionals by speaking at a range of leading industry conferences including Word of Mouth Marketing Association, the School of WOM, iMedia Summits, and DMAD.

Emerick tweets at @sfemerick.

Susan Emerick is Manager of Enterprise Social Strategy & Programs at IBM and author of The Most Powerful Brand on Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital...

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