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What You and Your Company Can Learn from Apple

What You and Your Company Can Learn from Apple Dan Lyons

Just over a decade ago Apple was nearly out of business. Today, thanks to the visionary leadership of founder and CEO Steve Jobs, Apple has become the hottest consumer electronics company in the world, its market valuation exceeded only by Exxon-Mobil. How did Apple do this? And what can your company learn from it? Newsweek Technology Editor Dan Lyons offers a unique vantage point on this remarkable comeback story. For four years Dan penned "The Secret Diary of Jobs" - a witty, entertaining and insightful blog that became a must-read in Silicon Valley and beyond. In the persona of "Fake Steve," Lyons produced hundreds of articles about Apple and developed a deep understanding of the company's success. The heart of the matter is simplicity. In a culture marked by overwhelming complexity and "feature creep," Apple succeeds by making every aspect of its business as simple as possible. In this talk, Lyons shares lessons from Apple about innovation, leadership and risk-taking; about delivering experiences, not products; about reducing clutter and increasing focus; about managing suppliers; about the intrinsic simplicity of great design, and the power of marketing; and about why being simple is, paradoxically, anything but simple. No matter what business you're in, from banking to biotech, from real estate to retailing, your organization can learn from Apple.

For over a year, the true identity of Fake Steve Jobs was the Internet’s best-kept secret. The business world and Silicon Valley were buzzing with speculation and rumor, even parlor games: who, exactly, was behind "The Secret Diary of Steve...

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