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Digital marketing terms for dummies

Digital marketing terms for dummies Mike Blacker

Who's making up these terms? Is it PEO or POE? Which is more important, CPC or CPA? How does everyone else define "engagement?" And who thought up SoLoMo? Even the best digital marketers need some help keeping up. This week we give two mobile terms a 101. Here's what you need to know. (Neustar's Mike Blacker with iMedia's Bethany Simpson)

What's a simple definition of IP targeting, and why is this critical to a digital marketing strategy?

Clip highlights:
0:30 - What is IP targeting, and what does it mean to digital marketers?
1:10 - IP targeting allows you to...

What's the difference between mobile and wifi, and why is this an important differentiation when targeting mobile device users?

Clip highlights:
0:00 - What's the difference?
0:35 - What does this mean to digital marketers?


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