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A brand's guide to video outsourcing

Gretchen Hyman
A brand's guide to video outsourcing Gretchen Hyman

Keeping up with the expansive growth in online video has left many brands scrambling to find an affordable and reliable way to incorporate video assets into their advertising campaigns and social media strategies. The cost of shooting, editing, and producing video content is prohibitive for many companies, increasing the appeal of hiring partners to help carry the burden. Enter Poptent, a video production outfit that uses high-caliber crowdsourcing to offer brands a varied selection of affordable and highly imaginative video assets that fit their goals. A favorite among fortune 100 and 500 companies alike, Poptent has the ability to create everything from polished national TV spots to "quirky" viral videos, and it assists the client through each stage of strategy, ideation, production, distribution, optimization, and reporting.

In his Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Video Summit, Neil Perry, president of Poptent, explained that Poptent's crowdsourced assignments tap into a diverse film community of more than 40,000 professional and amateur filmmakers who compete to have their video spots chosen by clients.

According to Perry, the Poptent production process is simple, direct, and aimed solely at delivering exactly what the clients wants. It all starts with a Creative Brief from the brand or agency detailing their objectives, which leads to the launch of the Assignment -- a landing page on Poptent's website describing the creative concept. The assignment is then made available to Poptent's substantial list of filmmakers as an Open Assignment and production is underway. Poptent also sends out Invite Assignments to a more select group of filmmakers when clients require more discretion or want to keep their content safe from competitor eyes.

The final stage is when Poptent screens all submissions, eliminating any inappropriate or off-target spots, and the content is then made available to the client for review and eventual purchase. It typically takes only 30 to 45 days to get the work submitted by the Poptent community of filmmakers.

The benefits of using a production outsourcing firm like Poptent ensures that the client receives:

  • High quality videos

  • A large number of finished video assets to choose from

  • Editing services, made available for the final chosen assets

  • Relevant, unique creative executions using real people, doing real things

  • Video assets that are ideal for social media platform distribution

  • A quick turnaround, and at a substantial cost reduction versus traditional production methods

Diane Bunton, marketing director, global ecommerce, for Dell Inc., became a Poptent client when the computer-maker needed a variety of online videos to support its technology rollouts. Through Dell's "Mobility Gives Ability" campaign, Dell wanted to show -- on an everyday human level -- what its customers were doing with Dell computers. Bunton said she and her team had a really fun time choosing the Poptent videos that told the best, most entertaining stories for their products.

The Dell/Poptent alliance resulted in the purchase of 10 video spots, a highly successful social media campaign, and an entertaining branding vehicle for Dell that included the following spot, among many others:

Another Poptent client, FedEx, used email marketing as the delivery vehicle for its Poptent-created video assets, sending out one per month for nine months that were then archived on FedEx's YouTube channel.

A Dannon "Oikos" Super Bowl campaign featuring actor John Stamos required some tricky shooting before the spot was chosen by the client and the actor was brought in to star in the final video version:

A spot for GE and agency OMD as part of a "Tag Your Green" initiative resulted in this fun Poptent-produced spot:

With offices in California, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, and Brazil, Poptent was founded in 2007 and services a diverse client base of brands such as Amazon.com, Pizza Hut, U.S. Bank, Sprite, Dole, American Express, and many more.

Gretchen Hyman is Editor-in-Chief for iMedia Connection.

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Gretchen Hyman

Gretchen Hyman is Director of Marketing for UberMedia, a mobile ad tech platform that helps brands locate, engage, and motivate active consumers. Gretchen is the former Editor-in-Chief for iMedia Connection, where she oversaw the media property and...

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