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BigScreen LittleScreen @ iMedia: Video Content UpFronts Kickoff

BigScreen LittleScreen @ iMedia: Video Content UpFronts Kickoff Paul Kontonis

Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the Board, International Academy of Web Television; VP/Group Director, Brand Content, The Third Act, Digitas

The investment in original programming for the web is reaching major new heights. YouTube and Hulu alone have each publicly committed to $100 million each in programming for 2012. Content creators from cutting edge small shops to major-league Hollywood producers and creative talent are creating video content for the web. The $3.1 billion estimated to be spent in online video advertising in 2012 is just the tip of the iceberg. And in April the first formal cooperative upfronts for video online content "Digital Content NewFronts" takes place in New York, with the participation and support of Google/YouTube, Hulu, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and Digitas among others.

Join Paul Kontonis, chairman of the board, International Academy of Web Television, and VP/group director, brand content, Third Act, Digitas, as he takes iMedia attendees through a preview of some of the exciting original programming coming to the web in the near future. As co-founder of BigScreen LittleScreen, which presents regular screenings of original web video programming for the creative and marketing communities, Kontonis will preview a selection of some of the best original programming to soon be reaching web audiences; 100 million Americans alone watch some online video content daily! Kontonis will provide commentary from a marketer's POV of the programming and the types of brands that could be applicable partners for the growing variety of high-quality content that's being developed.

Paul Kontonis is 20 years digital media veteran with an industry leading expertise in original digital video programming and originals content businesses. Paul recently launched the highly acclaimed Magnet Media Originals, a next generation web...

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