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Convergence or Collision: Traditional Media Crashed with Emerging Technologies

Convergence or Collision: Traditional Media Crashed with Emerging Technologies Dean Donaldson

Steven Feldman, SVP, Group Media Director, Universal McCann
Corey Jeffery, VP Client Solutions, Millward Brown
Scott Ross, VP Global Audience, Nielsen
Moderator: Dean Donaldson, Global Director, MediaMind

We are no longer standing at the crossroads of converging channels. Consumer demand and hardware manufacturers' leaps are causing consoles, Cloud and content are being thrashed together in an unparalleled warp speed that is challenging broadcasters, telcos and agencies alike. Cord-cutting the cable operators, stretched Internet infrastructure and inevitable impacts on agency process and compensation are merely the beginning. Are we truly ready for a sudden impact of addressability across screens and data visualization across devices? Will we finally see time-shifted linear content move into lean-forward and immersive story telling? What is next in terms of measurement, accountability and reporting for brand managers and their advertising agencies? Expect a lively debate about the future from those with their feet firmly on the ground.

Marketing strategist. Consumer evangelist. Digital futurologist. Dean Donaldson is a world-renowned global conspiracist who is passionate about driving creative technology to ensure personalised brand engagement progress across all media channels,...

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